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Best Google AdSense Alternatives For All Blogs Monetization

Google AdSense is the best and one of the easiest methods to monetize a blog in 2020, their mode of monetization (CPC and CPM) makes them ideal for both big and small blogs, making Google AdSense the best alternative for small traffic blog.

Getting AdSense approval is very easy for new and old bloggers if you follow the guide to getting AdSense approval, but it doesn’t just stop at getting AdSense approved. When I started blogging, I thought “immediately I get AdSense approved I will automatically be raking in hundreds of dollars every month”, but once I eventually approved, I realized they are several tricks you need to apply to increase your AdSense revenue.
There is this particular article I wrote last year that reveals the secret of boosting AdSense CPC using blocking control method, personally, I have been using this trick on my websites since 2019 and I haven’t faced any issue with Google.
Custom Search Engine Monetization is also a good way to monetize your blog but I won’t be talking about it here, so head over to the article and learn more about it.


Google AdSense alternatives? If you are reading this article it probably means you are having difficulties with AdSense approval and you are looking for other methods to monetize your website.

I have previously written some articles listing top reasons why AdSense keeps rejecting a website.
Some bloggers might be using images with copyright restrictions and this is a copyright infringement known as scrapped contents in Google AdSense. There are many ways to get copyright-free images that won’t get you AdSense policy violations.
Other bloggers (predominantly the newbies) on WordPress might be using the wrong WordPress platform. Yeah, this might sound surprising but there are 2 WordPress platforms and one doesn’t support AdSense monetization, so it is good to know the best WordPress for AdSense monetization.
There are bloggers who keep writing 100% unique articles but keep getting scrapped contents errors from Google, this might be because another blog might be copying for articles thus making them plagiarized, the best way to handle this is to report copyright infringement to Google.
Finally if you are the blogger who is infamous for copying and pasting articles written by other blogs, I have a better solution for you, it would assist you in writing premium articles that will get AdSense approval.
If after all these you still feel you need an alternative to Google AdSense then I suggest you keep reading till the end because we will be giving the best advertising agencies that can compete with Google AdSense.


Google AdSense still remains the best advertising agency and the easiest way to monetize your blog. The other ad agencies listed below are good but they are nowhere close to Google AdSense.
You might get more revenue from these AdSense alternatives depending on your website’s traffic and niche. Yeah you read this right, Google AdSense is the best way to monetize your website, but other ad agencies might pay you more than Google AdSense.


Skimlinks is an affiliate product advertising agency that pays publishers for every sale made with their short unique link and not for link click. This ad agency has 60,000 active worldwide publishers, 48,500 advertisers who display their products through Skimlinks and they make an average of $2.5 million sales every day. These stats are very impressive, thus giving them a spot in this list.
There is no limit to how much you can make from Skimlinks every day, they offer affiliate, CPC, CPA and other types of partner advertising.
Skimlinks is free and available to every publisher, the ad interface is easy to understand and approval is fast. Skimlinks’ minimum payout is $10 and they send payment via PayPal.
Viglink is similar to Skimlinks, it is ideal for business or e-commerce related blogs. You monetize your website with Viglink by making affiliate sales, so your earnings are not limited.
Blogs with outbound links to e-commerce pages or business pages (example: fashion stores) will get the best monetization experience with Viglink. For blogs without e-commerce and business outbound links, you can tweak this by manually adding business-related keywords like iPhone, Amazon, Apple, etc., Viglink will automatically detect these keywords, add links to them, and you will make decent money out of them.
Viglink is SEO friendly, it doesn’t drive traffic from your website and it can be used alongside Google AdSense.
The minimum payout for Viglink is $10 and all payment is sent to the publisher’s PayPal account.
Adversal is a display ads agency that requires lots of monthly traffic before a website gets approved. So, if your website drives lots of traffic, you will definitely enjoy Adversal native advertising via its self-serve platform.
Advsersal offers display, native, and video ads, so every publisher can easily get more interaction between their blog visitors and the ads being displayed.
Adversal will approve your website immediately they verify that your website doesn’t have nudity, viruses, pirated contents, illegal contents, and if you have a minimum of 50,000 pageviews every month.
Adversal’s minimum payout is $20 and unlike the previously listed ad networks that are related to only PayPal Adversal pay via wire transfer, ACH, and PayPal.
Amazon ad programming made this list? How is that possible? Yeah, you might have several questions on your mind right now, but Amazon display ads is an alternative to Google AdSense. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Amazon was the top Google AdSense alternative used by several blogs in 2019.
Amazon display ads was recently introduced so it isn’t as popular as its mother monetization network (Amazon Affiliate Program). Amazon display ad provides both CPM and Native Shopping Ads, so it’s like using a display and affiliate network concurrently.
Amazon display ad can be used by any publisher irrespective of your country but if you get lots of traffic from the United States of America and the United Kingdom, you will get the most out of this ad network.
There isn’t a minimum payout for Amazon display ad network, your earning can be sent to your PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, or Amazon Gift cards.
This list of best AdSense alternatives from small websites and big websites (both traffic and popularity) won’t be complete without Propeller Ads. When I launched Trybeweb, I started with Propeller Ads while waiting for AdSense approval.
Propeller Ads give instant approval, all you need to do is place the code on your website and you are good to go. Yeah, it is that easy but one of the drawbacks of Propeller Ads is that you need lots of monthly traffic before you get approved for Native Display Ads. Aside from that, you can enjoy its various ad types, its link ad is also a great alternative for people without blogs. Yeah, you can share the links on your social media accounts and get paid for every click.
Propeller Ads’ minimum payout is $25 (initially it was $5 but got changed to $25 for new accounts). They have various forms of payment (PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, etc.), so if you have little or lots of traffic and you want an alternative to Google AdSense then you have to try out Propeller Ads. is the closest ad agency than can be compared to Google AdSense in terms of available Ad types. Just like Google AdSense, is a contextual ad network that offers ads from high paying advertisers, this ad agency is owned by Yahoo and Bing. If you have used AdSense before or you are familiar with the AdSense ad types then you will understand why I stated that is similar to Google AdSense. is exclusively for quality blogs, so if you drive a huge amount of monthly web traffic you will get approval without breaking a sweat.
Similar to Google AdSense, the minimum payout of is $100 and can be received via PayPal or Wire transfer. If you get approved by, you can make lots of revenue using their display and text ads.
All the above-listed Ad networks can be used alone, with Google AdSense or with other Ad networks. Depending on the quality of your blog all these Ad networks can give you a huge amount of money every month. If your blog is still a start-up, I will recommend you use Propeller, Viglinks, and Skimlinks. If your blog has lots of traffic then using, Amazon, Adversal, and Propeller Ads will make you get the best out of all this traffic.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

9Mobile Data Plan For 2020, 7GB For N1500, 2GB for N500

9mobile has launched new data plans and reconstructed its existing ones to allow its customers to have more value for the money spent on Data, and Trybeweb is here to reveal them to our lovely readers.


9mobile stated that with this new development, customers will have more 9mobile data, enjoy uncontested browsing and streaming experience because they just made quality data more affordable.

As an early gift to Nigerians, new and existing 9mobile customers are getting an enormous data increase for the same price and also introduced the best new data plans to make sure everyone can afford quality data services from 9mobile.


9mobile's Acting Director of Marketing, Layi Onofowokan, revealed that all customers can enjoy a variety of new 9mobile data plans such as 1GB + free social media access (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) and this is valid for 1 day at just N300. There is also a 2GB + free social media access (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) which is valid for 3 days at just N500.

Onofowokan also stated that consumer who wants the 9mobile data weekly plan can opt-in for 7GB + free social media access (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) for 7 days at N1,500 or for High 9mobile data users the 15GB 30 days plan at just N5000 would be a great option.

Onafowokan said:

“We are a caring network that believes in showing love to our customers especially in this season of giving. We want them to be able to browse and stream online without the fear of quickly exhausting their data and having to spend more. We believe doing this will boost the internet experience of our customers across the country. The beauty of this revamp is that it’s not limited to a few packages; it involves all our data plans,”. 
To get started with this cheap 9mobile data, customers are to dial *200*3*1# and select the plan that suits the data and internet requirements.

This article was posted on Trybeweb for educational purpose only. Trybeweb is committed to Technological enlightenment and we won't be held responsible for any actions taken by you regarding an article published on our website. Furthermore, Our articles on tweaking and free internet browsing are published to alert Network Providers of the Loopholes on their servers.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020



Engineering drawing software uses rasters and/or vectors to create illustrations in 2D or 3D, these illustrations are usually portrayed in images, diagrams, charts, and graphs. This type of engineering drawing applications also has information regarding processes, materials, & dimensions, and includes technical drawings drafts.

Engineering Drawing Software

CAD (computer-aided drawing) is the first and oldest engineering drawing software. CAD was primarily created as a 2D drawing software with few tools for drawing like simple lines and circles drawing tools. Since then, this engineering application has useful extensions like Wire Frame that allows users to easily create 3D drawings.

Engineering drawing applications like Solid Works or Auto-CAD allows drafters and engineers to create and develop electrical and mechanical drawings. One of the most important features of an engineering drawing software is that it saves time and stress that usually comes with building drafts for engineers, technicians, drafters, and other scientists. The uniformity of the drafts that this software can produce is also a noteworthy feature. Most engineering drawing applications has an in-built collection of components and parts that are available to be dragged and dropped onto the screen.

Thanks to the existence of software like Solid Works, engineers can create 3D drawings that are more interactive and responsive than drawings from older engineering software. Aside from drafting illustrative diagrams, engineering drawing programs sometimes include process diagrams and flow charts. Microsoft Visio can be used to execute these types of engineering drawings, Visio and a little bit of software programming has been singlehandedly used by companies to completely build assembly procedures and part descriptions.

Engineering Drawing

There are several engineering drawing applications with some being able to carry specific tasks while others are multifunctional. MCAD Software (Mechanical Computer-Aided Design Software) is mainly used by mechanical engineers, Solid Works is one of the outstanding MCAD software currently available. File formatting is stored in Microsoft Structured Storage. This file type includes several files interwoven into each other such as images, metadata files, previews. Engineering drawing is usually handled by technical illustrators or drafters but engineers spend more time studying drawings and making calculations related to such drawings.

Best software applications used as aids in engineering drawing

There are lots of good engineering drawing software available but choosing the best depends on what task(s) is expected to be carried out. Some of the best engineering software include:

  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • AutoCAD
  • Mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD)
Other drawing and image editing software like Ms Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and GNU image manipulation program (GIMP) are used alongside the above-listed engineering drawing software to give out excellent results.

Check out this video ;



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How To Set Up And Limit Number of Devices On Android 10 Internet Hotspot

How to Limit the numbers of devices that connect to Android 10 Internet Hotspot.

Android 10 mobile hotspot

Although it is not advisable to use your Smartphone as your main source of Internet, they are times we have no choice but to improvise and use them especially in situations where our main source of Internet connection (Wi-Fi, LAN) is unavailable.

In this article, Trybeweb information tech will guide you on how to set up your mobile Internet hotspot on Android and also how to limit the number of devices that can connect to your Internet hotspot.

Normally, the Internet hotspot button can be easily located at the device's quick settings drawer (pull down the notification bar), but this would only give you the option to switch on/off the mobile Internet hotspot. Before using your android Internet hotspot, it is advisable to configure it to meet your needs. 

The Android 10 hotspot interface is similar to other Android versions, it can be easily accessed from the Android's quick draw setting but to configure your Android 10 Internet hotspot you will need to follow the steps given below.

Hidden Secret: How to browse and download unlimited with Google Free Wifi.

Steps to configure Android 10 mobile hotspot connect:

  • Open the Settings menu ⚙
  • Click Network & Internet 
  • Click Hotspot & Tethering
  • Click Wi-Fi hotspot
On this page, you can see options to switch the hotspot on/off. To configure the Android 10 hotspot to your specifications you need to do the following;
  • Click on Hotspot name (change the default name to your preferred name, this name will be broadcasted from your Android 10 Internet hotspot to other Wi-Fi enabled devices).
  • Click Security and select WPA2 PSK (this is to encrypt your Android 10 Internet hotspot so that only people with your password can connect to the hotspot). Select None if you want your Internet hotspot to be open and anyone can connect without your permission.
  • Click on Hotspot password to change the default Android hotspot password to your preferred one (using an alphanumeric password is advised). 
  • Click on Advanced to see more features and configure your Android 10 hotspot more.
    • Turn off hotspot automatically (this is a battery saving feature that helps reduce Android battery consumption by automatically switching off the Internet hotspot when no device is connected to it for 10 minutes).
    • AP Band (Just as Bluetooth have versions, Wi-FI also have bands. Normally you would see two options 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz If you choose 2.4 your device would only broadcast to devices that support 2.4GHz band if you choose 5.0 only devices that supports that band would seen your Android mobile hotspot).
    • Reset OOB (should in case you get stuck or face errors this would take your Android mobile hotspot to its default settings).
    • Maximum connection (you can use this to limit the number of devices that connect to Android 10 Internet hotspot). Normally, only 10 devices can connect to your Android Internet hotspot but you can limit the connect to 1 device.
    • Connected users (this shows you the number and name of devices connected to your Android Internet hotspot). You can also see the MAC and IP address to every device connected, you can use this feature to block devices from connecting to your Android hotspot.
    •  Blocked users (this shows a list of every device that has been blocked from connecting to your mobile hotspot, you can also unblock them)
Once that has been completed, you have successfully configured your Android Internet hotspot, now you can easily turn on/off your Android hotspot from the quick draw menu.

Here is a tutorial video from YouTbe

It is important to note that the instructions given here are based on Google Android stock settings, android device manufacturers might choose to change the UI and it would look different from what we posted here.

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Twitter can decide to suspend your account if you knowingly or unknowingly go against its Terms of Service. This can affect both old and new Twitter account irrespective of the number of tweets you have made.
Thankfully a suspended Twitter account can be unsuspended and Trybeweb will be revealing that in this article.

Why did Twitter suspend your account

Twitter is always making sure its community is kept clean from tweets that violate its Terms of Service and so regular offenders are punished by getting their Twitter accounts suspended.
Your Twitter account might get suspended for the following reasons;
  • Spamming: This is the most common reason for a Twitter account suspension, spamming is highly prohibited on Twitter, so sharing malicious links, continually posting irrelevant kinds of stuff as comments under people's Tweets would surely lead your Twitter account to an imminent ban.
  • Account Security Compromised: Twitter security is high so if any suspicious activity like login from an unknown device is detected, the account might get suspended. This suspension is a security measure and not a form of punishment.
  • Abusive Tweets: Twitter is a friendly community so all its users are expected to respect each other. Portraying violent behaviours, abusing other users, making threats, or impersonating another account would get your Twitter account suspended.

Can a suspended Twitter Account be unsuspended?

You can unsuspend your Twitter account by simply logging in your account and verifying your mobile number or email address linked to your account.
How long does it take for Twitter to respond to an appeal? If your account was suspended, it would take seven days to unsuspend your Twitter account.
If your Twitter account is locked and limited by Twitter, you will be required to file an appeal form before your account is unsuspended

How to unsuspend a Twitter account 2020

The good news is that a suspended Twitter account can be unsuspended and we will walk you through on how to fill a Twitter suspended account appeal.
  • Click on the appeal form to be redirected to the twitter appeal section.
  • Fill the appeal form that is shown on your screen.
    • Description of problem: This is an important part, so make sure you extensively tell Twitter the problem you are facing, don't just write "my account was suspended" this might delay your appeal time. Spend time on the part and let Twitter know how important the account is to you and how you want it to be urgently unbanned.
    • Fill the name exactly as you used it on the account before it got suspended.
    • Giving them your phone number is important, although it is written optional you are advised to add your phone number so you can be contacted by Twitter if the need arises. 
    • Add your email address as well, make sure you have access to the mail because you will definitely be contacted via the mail you provided (The email must not be same as the one used in registering the suspended Twitter account).
    • click on submit and complete the CAPTCHA to prove you are human.
If done properly, your Twitter account will be suspended within 2 days time and you will be alerted through the email you provided during the appeal.

How to prevent a Twitter account from being suspended

Twitter has security bots that are automated to flag accounts that have not been completely registered, such accounts include;

  • Account without phone number and/or email address
  • Twitter accounts with unverified email addresses
  • Twitter accounts without detailed bio and profile pictures
  • Accounts with frequent suspicious logins
  • Accounts that have been reported several times for spam, violence, etc.
It is advisable to delete a Twitter account if it is a duplicate of another account, to avoid both accounts being suspended.

Best method to unsuspend a twitter account;