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How To Fix Fast Charging Issues On Smartphones.

Slow charging can be very annoying especially when you need your phone full before heading out in a limited space of time.

Multiple Phones Charging

Many smartphone manufacturers have added to their devices the fast charging feature that allows them to charge at nearly 5 times the normal speed.

Note that the flash charge is a hardware feature that can not be downloaded from the internet or from the app store.

Top African brands like Tecno and Infinix boasted about their fast charging as it became only the most after features when purchasing a mobile device.
Phones like the Infinix Hot5, note5, note4 are thought to go from 0 percent to 20 percent in 5 minutes under good charging condition via X-Charge which is fast charging Infinix version.

Tecno brands such as Cammon X, Phantom 8, and Cx air also have the Tecno flash charging feature that gives them the edge when charging over other smartphones.

Apart from charging your device at an incredible speed, the fast charging feature also helps maintain battery life and prevents battery overheating while charging.

My Phone Doesn't Support Flash Charging. What Do I do?

Telephones that do not support the flash charging feature are out of the trend and may be extinguished from the smartphone market over time.

Some developers of the Android app have released applications claiming to be able to quickly charge just any phone. Fast charging is a hardware and by software application can be installed in a device.

If your device does not support quick charging, you can use the methods below to help increase charging speed:

  • Close all app while charging your phone.
  • Switch off data and wifi connection.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode.
  • Reduce backlight.
  • Make sure you use the company recommended charger
  • Avoid faulty USB cables.
  • Switch off the phone.

My Phone Once Supports Fast Charge But Stopped.

Some users complained about their device being unable to charge quickly after a while. If your smartphone stops charging quickly, it may be due to some minor problems and today we're going to give some tips on how to fix these problems.

  • First, make sure you use the recommended charger and cable, as not all phones charge quickly, not all chargers are able to charge quickly, so use the original charger that came with your device or visit your mobile support store to purchase a new one. Oraimo chargers also promote rapid charging, and if you don't have access to the factory approved charger, it's a good replacement. Nigerian can get high speed Oraimo charger for the rate of (N2,000) in top smartphone retail outlets.
Red Charging Cables

  • Verify that the charger is entirely inserted in, earlier this afternoon the very same situation happened to me. When I loaded my Infinix note5 I discovered it wasn't flash charging and I decided to give it some time, 15 minutes later and it wasn't flash charging then I noticed that the port between the USB Dongle and the charger head wasn't completely connected, so I turned off the socket and pushed the charger in and then turned it back on and it began X-charging automatically.
  • Please ensure sufficient electric power is supplied by the electrical outlet. Yeah, some devices require some output power to charge quicker so make sure your device is connected to an outlet that provides adequate electrical juice and note that plugging your phone into a computer will never charge it rapidly. Low electrical power generators can also stop your phone from charging  quickly at times.
  • Bad battery is also a determinant so make absolutely sure your battery is in excellent health and if it isn't, it's time to try a new battery and only go to the original one as counterfeit batteries don't charge quickly or may stop after a few days.
  • The charging port of your phone (charging points) also helps determine the rate your phone charges at. Always check your ports and remove dirt and other residues. If you observe that your charging port is malformed, take it for a fix to a repairman and your device should return to fast charging.
Samsung Device

  • Viruses on your mobile phone during software upgrades can also prevent your phone from charging easily. Last year when I was using the infinix Note 4pro, it ceased flash charging all of a sudden and I tried several different ways like obtaining a new charger, trying a friends charger but all in vain so I gave up hope until I came across an article in their official chat forum with lots of users complaining about the same issues after initializing the company's released software upgrade. If you are in such a scenario, it is suggested that you wait until a new fix update is released or take your device to its customer support and service center for downgrade.

Always make sure you use the approved charger to power your devices as it helps maintain a healing battery and also provides enough juice for your phone to keep it going all day long. Turn off the electricity from the power supply and unplug your chargers to prevent the charger from being heated.

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