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Free Wi-Fi!!! Finding one in A country like Nigeria is harder than winning a lottery jackpot, also Telecom & Data providers are getting strict with data by increasing the price for data and also blocking all loopholes for free browsing like Hammer VPN and Gidimo Unlimited Browsing.

In this Article, I will be discussing how to surf the web and download files without restriction using the Google free Wi-Fi Station.

Surprisingly, Nigeria is the first Country in Africa and the fifth country in the world to get Google Wi-Fi Station service. Google launched their Free Wi-Fi Service (Google Wi-Fi Station) recently in Nigeria and since it started Nigerians have been enjoying its benefits by downloading and using the internet at a high-speed rate for free.

For this Wi-Fi service to work, Google partners with numerous local technology Institute to ensure the provision of the needed software and hardware to actualize the “Free Wi-Fi for all”. Some of these partners are Network providers, System Integrators, Large scale organizations, Fibre providers (21st Century Technology).


Google Wi-Fi would be set up in places that attract large crowds daily like Markets, Airports, Sit-out Parks, Transport Parks (Bus & Railway), Public Schools / Universities, Large Malls etc.

In Nigeria, this Free Service is projected for 200 locations in 6 Cities (Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Kaduna, Ibadan, and Enugu) these Cities were chosen due to their popularity and Google might decide to increase the list of Cities in the Nearest future.


Once You find the Wi-Fi, tap connect and your device will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi without prompting for a password. 
After connecting, you won't be able to browse with it until you Sign-In with a Valid Phone number.

For Android users, after connecting, open your notification panel and you will see a notification asking you to sign into the network. 
Click on the notification and it will direct you to the sign-in portal where you will see the Partner’s name and Google’s Logo.
Click on continue and then put your mobile number (Make sure the sim card is Switched on because a code would be sent to the number to confirm that you are the owner of the Sim, Copy the code and type it in the space provided in the portal and that’s all you are connected.

For iPhone Users, connect the wifi and you will be automatically redirected to the sign-in portal. 
Follow the same procedure posted for Android users and you will be connected to the internet.

Laptop and Computer users, connect to the Wi-Fi and a pop-up notification would come up asking you to open your browser and finish the connection. 
Click on the notification and your default internet browser will open up and redirect you to the login page. 
Follow the same procedure posted for Android users and you will be connected to the internet.

Note: When connected to A device, the device won’t need phone number verification for three days (3) and after that, you will be asked to verify before using. A number can be used to register only 3 devices at a time (3 devices can simultaneously use 1 sim verification for 3 days).

The Wi-Fi comes in two types:
  • Fast Mode
  • Basic Mode


Connecting to the Wi-Fi would automatically put the device in Fast Mode Wi-Fi and it allows users to surf and download at an amazing speed of 30Mb/Sec on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).
The only downside of this Fast Mode is that users are allowed to use its fast speed for 30 minutes which after that, you will be taken to the Basic Mode.


Unlike the time-cap placed on the Fast Mode, when you are connected to the Basic Mode the download and surfing speed of the Wi-Fi will reduce drastically but the good side of this is that you will be allowed to use the Wi-Fi for an unlimited time, meaning that you would continue to browse and download for as long as you want.

Note: Trybeweb will give you a secret on how to remove the time-cap on Fast Mode and download Unlimitedly at a fast speed (continue reading).

  • It is free for everyone.
  • It is secure and has no security breach, malware or information theft.
  • It is fast and unlimited.
  • Access all website without restriction.


After exhausting your 30 minutes fast mode, you will notice that the download and surfing are now slow. This can be frustrating for people like Me who download large files like the 1080p version of Game of Thrones which is around 2.5Gb per episode.

This tweak was discovered by Trybeweb and its working 100% for Android and PC users.

How it works: Immediately You login into the Wi-Fi, the 30 minutes time limit is set and your device is registered and identified by its MAC address (Media Access Control) and this prevents you from using the fast mode again even if you switch off your device and log in again you will still be on slow mode till the next day. 
So, we will be bypassing it by changing our MAC Address, so the Wi-Fi will think it is a new Device trying to connect and you will get your Fast Mode. (Humans are always smarter 😉😉).


First Copy Your MAC Address Because You will Change it Later
  • On your Android device, go to Settings -> WiFi. Here, tap on the Settings cog icon, to open the “Configure WiFi” screen.

  • On the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see the MAC address of your WiFi network card. Write it down, in case you need to revert your MAC settings back to their original state.

    • Requirements:
      • Android Phone (Rooted or Not)
      • Mobile Uncle MTK Tools (Download Here).

      • Open Mobile Uncle MTK Tools
      • Swipe to the right till you find connectivity tab.
      • Click on Wi-Fi
      • Click on NVRAM
      • In Byte String Access put values as
      • add(h,byte) : 4
      • length(byte) : 6
      • Click Read (The 12 Digits shown in value(h) field is your current wifi mac address. Better write it down if you haven’t done that before).
      • Erase the value(h) field and now put your own 12-digit MAC address (generate any one from your head) or Click here to get free automatic MAC Address.

      Should be 12 Digits long only
      Should have hexadecimal characters only (0-F)
      The second digit of the mac address should be Even Digit only (0 or 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or A or C or E)
      valid example - 0205160F0A3E
      invalid example - 015GEABCDF57

      • Finally, Click write
      • Exit to Home, Turn Off and turn on your Wi-Fi Again.
      • Now Check your Wi-Fi mac address in Phone Status, it should be Changed to the new Address you entered.

      Note: If you want to go back to your original MAC Address, follow the same step.



      • After downloading the Technitium MAC address changer (TMC), disconnect from the wifi and put the computer in Airplane mode.
      • Launch the App in Administrator mode (Right click the app icon and Click on Run as Administrator).
      • At the top you will see network connections and make sure they are all ticked [√] in their boxes.
      • Scroll down and you will find your Original MAC Address at the right side of the screen (you don’t need to copy it because the app would automatically keep it for you).
      • Make sure the following boxes are ticked [√]:
        • Automatically Restart Network Connection To Apply Changes [√].
        • Make New MAC Address Persistent [√].
        • Use ‘02’ As First Octet Of MAC address (Click here to find out why)
      • Click on Random MAC Address and a new MAC Address would be generated for you PC.
      • Finally, Click On Change Now and the App will automatically change your MAC Address.
      • Now Turn Off Airplane mode and Switch on your Wi-FI.
      • Connect To The Google Wi-Fi.
      • Go to the Login portal (As explained earlier), put a phone number and you will be connected to the Fast Wi-Fi Mode.

      Note: you can repeat this Steps every 30 minutes for as long as you want To Keep using the Fast Wi-Fi Mode.
      To go back to your Original MAC Address, Click on Restore Original, and Technitium will change your Mac to its Original Address.

      Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose and Trybeweb won't be held responsible if you use it for an illegal purpose like Hacking of your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

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