Saturday, April 13, 2019

Microsoft Windows 10 Update For May, Users To Get Full PC Control

Computer Giants, Microsoft has given a noteworthy change in Software and drivers updates for Windows 10 Users, giving them an almost complete authority over some functions of their PC.

Microsoft in the course of next week, would be releasing a May update for Windows 10 Beta testers before it would be released to the general public by May.

The 2019 Windows 10 update for May would be a light weight update with little or no Physical change but it will offer a new function that would give clients power over their PCs.
Clients would now have the power to snooze updates for as long as 35days without update notification or auto update.

This would remove every ability your PC has to automatically download and install updates without your full consent, saving data cost even when using Wi-Fi that isn’t Metered.

It also comes with intelligent active hours, where you can physically set a time frame for your PC to avoid updates (For instance, you can stop all updates from downloading during the weekend when you are not using office/work Wi-Fi).

For users who might find it difficult in choosing a time frame, the update comes with an intelligence that suggests hours for you by reading your usage pattern and dormant mode.

Aside this, Microsoft also stated that the update would improve system responsiveness which would reduce cases of applications and programs not responding and also strategize a plan for you on both Windows and Microsoft Store updates even when you are not with your PC.

Users are to expect the launch of another dashboard which works with the health of your PC in relation to windows Update, so in the event of having issues with updates you will have the ability to verify and fix these issues with the help of already known fixes to similar issues.


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