Monday, June 10, 2019

Best Sources For Copyright Free Pictures

Hey there don’t copy that picture or face a copyright lawsuit!!!!

I will share some tips with you in order to get excellent images for your website for free without having copyright infringements, or scrapped contents error from AdSense.

Now whenever you build a website, what really makes it stand out and look good is quality images. You have to have a source for quality images, now there are several ways to get free images. 

There are free sites and there are dangerous methods and I will go over all those in this Article.

So, first of all here is the most dangerous way to get images for your website, just to do a Google image search, download the image and paste on your blog. 

I usually do this in a way that whenever I want a logo for a company, I just search for the name and click on images, then I download it. 

This method is fast and convenient but there are certain image owners that will sue you if you use their images, and a good example of that is Getty Images.

Getty images own a lot of images and if they find you using an image on your website, good luck for you because you are going to get a big fat bill that you are must have to pay or you should prepare to find some legal means to fight and I don’t think you would want that.

This is the safe and proper way to get Google images, just type and search for “Cars” (using Car as an example) and then click on images and it’s going to show you a bunch of Car photos that you might be related to what you want for your website and then click on tools, you will see options in a new menu (Size, Colour, e.t.c), just click on “Usage Rights” then select “Label For Reuse”.  A new set of images would appear and these images are approved by the owners for other people to reuse them without having any copyright infringements.

Aside from this method, there are numerous ways to get HD Stock images for free, and I will give you Top 3 favorite sources:

Pexels: I have used this many time and when you scroll down you could see the quality of the photos here. 
You might be wondering the way they get their images, there are contributors that upload their images to this site and you don’t have to give any attribution or anything like that and typically the images that you find on Pexels are very high quality.

I think the way Pexel make money on some of the images or maybe all of them is by advertising products. If You wanted an image of a “Laptop” and You find an appealing one on Pexels and wanted to download it, you will get an advertisement here and then it says sponsored photos and this is going to be photos that are on paid sites like Shutterstock which is very expensive.

These images are very expensive on paid websites but here this one is going to be free and there are similar photos, so You see how they make money right. I love pixels, I have used it a lot and I recommend you get your images there to avoid copyrights lawsuit.

PixelBay: This is one of the bigger or larger free images websites you can refer to when looking for unique stock images, I personally do not like their images but some people really do. 

You can go to Pixelbay and some of the images are going to be in GIF or even videos so you can use the search preference to get the actual type of file you are looking for.

LibreStock: There is this cool site for finding images and it is called the Libra stock. They are one of the best Free Image engines out there that give you millions of free images and links to download them. 

What this does is it to search for all of the free image websites and pulls all the results in one place so if I was to type “Hybrid Computers”, it will bring up hundreds of related ones. 

These images are to be in lots of different free image websites so you might want to just come here instead of going to Pexels or pixel Bay, instead of just going directly to those websites you could just come here, it is like the Google for these free image sites and when you click on one of them it is going to take you over to the original site where you will download the image at it’s best quality. 

Librestock is ad supported as well so this is actually a good option as well.


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This is so helpful for me! Thanks for sharing:)

I use Canva for stock photos because it's free. I don't use Google images in fear of getting sued or anything. Yikes! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing your resources!

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I didn't know about the Google search technique!! I'm excited to try it out soon!!

Useful tools, thank you for the info. I enjoy using Unsplash and Pixabay, personal favourites

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I use pixabay and unsplash. I will explore others mentioned in this post. Thank you!

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I really like getting free pics through Wordpress for my site. Also Unsplash has a great selection.

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Great source for photos! Thanks for sharing

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I use most of these definitely would recommend them but not Pixelbay

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