Sunday, July 21, 2019

How To Get Free 7Gb Data On 9Mobile

It seems Nigerian network providers are becoming more lenient with data. Recently, most networks are either reducing the price of data or increasing the value of data for a certain price, like the new MTN double-data offer which gives users a wide range of crazy deals.

9Mobile 1gb data plan

Today in Trybeweb, we will be teaching you how to get 8Gb for N1000 on 9Mobile network, works on all devices and it doesn't require VPN connection.

9Mobile 8Gb For N1000

As most of our articles, this is not a cheat but an official offer being given by 9Mobile themselves. So carefully follow the instructions below. 

4G Etisalat / 9Mobile Sim card.
More blaze mobile plan
4G Smartphone.

How to activate 8Gb for N1000 on 9Mobile

Getting the 8Gb data is not a complicated process, you just have to purchase 1Gb Data worth N1000 by dialing *200*3*1# and you will be gifted with an extra 7Gb as a bonus. 

9Mobile 1gb data plan

You will only get that bonus if your device & Sim card is on 4G network, and you are on 9Mobile More-Blaze plan so if you are not, dial *200*3# to migrate for free.

How Long Does The Bonus Last

Although the data can be used on all devices after activation, the 7Gb bonus can only be used from 12AM to 7Am every day, while the 1Gb main Data can be used at all times of the day. All data last for a maximum of 30Days.


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