Sunday, July 28, 2019

9Mobile Free Browsing With HTTP Injector

HTTP injector has served us well when it comes to free browsing tweaks, and since we last rocked the MTN 0.00k browsing and Mpulse, we stopped getting new free browsing via HTTP Injector. Trybeweb is glad to let our loyalist know that HTTP Injector is back and this time it works with 9Mobile.

9Mobile HTTP Injector

For weeks now, this new cheat has been blazing but with many errors being encountered but finally we have found the perfect & stable settings, so Trybeweb will be sharing it with you for free.

For the lovers for freebies, this might burst your bubbles because this is not entirely free but comparing the price to the cost of buying normal data, this is actually a tweak that we would all appreciate due to the harsh price of data.

For this tweak to work, you will need to subscribe to 9Mobile’s 2.2GB Data for just a little amount of money.


  • Android Smartphone
  • 9Mobile Sim Card
  • Default 9Mobile APN Settings.
  • Http Injector
  • 9Mobile Ehi Config File.
Firstly, you would have to subscribe to 9Mobile Social Media plan by dialing *200*3*3*2*3# and you would be charged N350 and valid for a whole month (30 Days).

Download the latest HTTP Injector VPN on Google PlayStore or Click here.

Download 9Mobile SocialPak Configuration file here Valid till 26th August 2019 (Thanks for Entclass for the file).

Make sure you note the folder that the configuration file was downloaded to because you will need it for future reference.

After installing the HTTP Injector App, Launch it,

Click on the Clipboard icon (paper icon) at the top right corner in the Injector App.

Click Import Config and your file manager will pop up, find the 9Mobile Config File you downloaded earlier, select and import it. (The file is normally located in the default Download folder).

After successfully importing the file, go back to the main page of HTTP Injector App, Click on the start button and it would take an estimated 15 seconds for the Application to connect successfully.

Minimize the App and enjoy full internet service to all Applications and browser (You can also use it to download any file).

Make sure DNS (Google DNS) and Start SSH are both marked [✔] as shown in the image below.

9Mobile Http Injector

Note The Following:

  • The subscription is valid for a month (30Days).
  • The Free browsing is not unlimited but capped at 2.2GB at N350.
  • You can subscribe as many times as you like in a month. So you can get 6.6GB worth of Data for just N1050.
  • Download speed is not blazing but it is stable.
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