Thursday, July 18, 2019

MX Player: Best Video Player For Android

Mx player is undoubtedly the best video player for android devices due to its numerous functionalities, ability to play any video format, picture-in-picture mode and a host of other features.

Mx Player for android

In this article, Trybeweb will be giving a full review of Mx Player, how to use its full features and why it is the best video player for Android users.

Mx player is an awesome video software created by J2 interactive, that is packed with advanced hardware acceleration for smooth watch experience. Since its launch to the android store in June 2011, this apps has had an incredible 500+ Million downloads officially from Google play store, with Millions of downloads from other android stores like APK Pure and blackmart.

This is the most downloaded Android video player and also a Google PlayStore Editor's choice application for Video Players, a 4.5-star⭐ rating from ‎7,468,412 votes, this app is obviously the best and this is not a fluke.

Features Of Mx Player

Video Player: The basic feature of Mx player is that it acts as a video player, that supports any video format (Mp4, Mkv, 1080P, 2040P etc) and plays them without lagging, thanks to its Hardware Acceleration and Multi-core Decoding. This player enables Android users to watch movies in formats that would normally not play on Android devices.

Live Streaming: Mx player supports live streaming of events like Sports, News, Movies, Concerts, etc. Thanks to its in-built video streaming software, users can enjoy live shows directly from the app with incredible speed and HD quality.

Picture-In-Picture: PIP mode gives users the ability to watch videos while doing other activities like surfing the internet, Facebook, Whatsapp or writing an article. This recently added feature minimizes the playing screen and changes it to a floating screen, so users would get more screen space and still get the uninterrupted video playing.

Subtitle Download: Watching a movie without subtitles might seem uncomfortable to some users, also it is impossible to watch a movie in a language you don't understand. Thankfully, Mx player provides an option for users to automatically download a subtitle for any movie and automatically synchronize it with the app. This process is fully automated so you only have to click on "Search Subtitle" and the App would display a list of subtitles related to the movie.

Also, users can import subtitle files from the local file storage into the app.

Equalizer: with its sound equalizer, users can fine-tune the sharpness of the video sound, use Bass Booster to get more sound and several options of equalizers to choose from (Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock or use a customized equalizer.

Audio Player: Mx player also comes with an in-built audio player that can be used to play songs, Mixtapes, Voice clips and recordings of all format. Fade on start and end of every audio is also available to give each song a smooth intro and outro.

Hidden Media: Hidden video files can be accessible on Mx player, this is a good option that can help in locating those annoying video Ads that are automatically downloaded by Apps without the User's consent. Files can also be deleted directly from Mx player.

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