Wednesday, December 18, 2019

MTN Partners With Huawei To Bring 5G Internet To Nigeria

Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited has guaranteed that it will be giving innovative and advanced support to MTN Nigeria after a trial MTN 5G network technology was recently rolled out in Nigeria.

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Mr Zhang Lulu, Huawei Technologies Company Managing Director, while giving a statement in Abuja stated that the technology company would be constantly aiding MTN through its requirements and challenges, helping them with innovative products and solutions that would enable MTN users to enjoy the best experience.

Huawei who is currently leading the global roll-out of 5G technology and they have a partnership with MTN that would enable MTN to serve futuristic technology to its subscribers. One of the most notable advantages of MTN 5G is that it is almost 100 to 250 times faster than 4G, it can give over 20gigabits per second and would allow users to download and upload HD contents of large size in just a matter of seconds (normally this would take up to 10 minutes on 4G).


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