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Twitter can decide to suspend your account if you knowingly or unknowingly go against its Terms of Service. This can affect both old and new Twitter account irrespective of the number of tweets you have made.
Thankfully a suspended Twitter account can be unsuspended and Trybeweb will be revealing that in this article.

Why did Twitter suspend your account

Twitter is always making sure its community is kept clean from tweets that violate its Terms of Service and so regular offenders are punished by getting their Twitter accounts suspended.
Your Twitter account might get suspended for the following reasons;
  • Spamming: This is the most common reason for a Twitter account suspension, spamming is highly prohibited on Twitter, so sharing malicious links, continually posting irrelevant kinds of stuff as comments under people's Tweets would surely lead your Twitter account to an imminent ban.
  • Account Security Compromised: Twitter security is high so if any suspicious activity like login from an unknown device is detected, the account might get suspended. This suspension is a security measure and not a form of punishment.
  • Abusive Tweets: Twitter is a friendly community so all its users are expected to respect each other. Portraying violent behaviours, abusing other users, making threats, or impersonating another account would get your Twitter account suspended.

Can a suspended Twitter Account be unsuspended?

You can unsuspend your Twitter account by simply logging in your account and verifying your mobile number or email address linked to your account.
How long does it take for Twitter to respond to an appeal? If your account was suspended, it would take seven days to unsuspend your Twitter account.
If your Twitter account is locked and limited by Twitter, you will be required to file an appeal form before your account is unsuspended

How to unsuspend a Twitter account 2020

The good news is that a suspended Twitter account can be unsuspended and we will walk you through on how to fill a Twitter suspended account appeal.
  • Click on the appeal form to be redirected to the twitter appeal section.
  • Fill the appeal form that is shown on your screen.
    • Description of problem: This is an important part, so make sure you extensively tell Twitter the problem you are facing, don't just write "my account was suspended" this might delay your appeal time. Spend time on the part and let Twitter know how important the account is to you and how you want it to be urgently unbanned.
    • Fill the name exactly as you used it on the account before it got suspended.
    • Giving them your phone number is important, although it is written optional you are advised to add your phone number so you can be contacted by Twitter if the need arises. 
    • Add your email address as well, make sure you have access to the mail because you will definitely be contacted via the mail you provided (The email must not be same as the one used in registering the suspended Twitter account).
    • click on submit and complete the CAPTCHA to prove you are human.
If done properly, your Twitter account will be suspended within 2 days time and you will be alerted through the email you provided during the appeal.

How to prevent a Twitter account from being suspended

Twitter has security bots that are automated to flag accounts that have not been completely registered, such accounts include;

  • Account without phone number and/or email address
  • Twitter accounts with unverified email addresses
  • Twitter accounts without detailed bio and profile pictures
  • Accounts with frequent suspicious logins
  • Accounts that have been reported several times for spam, violence, etc.
It is advisable to delete a Twitter account if it is a duplicate of another account, to avoid both accounts being suspended.

Best method to unsuspend a twitter account;


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