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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Best Google AdSense Alternatives For All Blogs Monetization

Google AdSense is the best and one of the easiest methods to monetize a blog in 2020, their mode of monetization (CPC and CPM) makes them ideal for both big and small blogs, making Google AdSense the best alternative for small traffic blog.

Getting AdSense approval is very easy for new and old bloggers if you follow the guide to getting AdSense approval, but it doesn’t just stop at getting AdSense approved. When I started blogging, I thought “immediately I get AdSense approved I will automatically be raking in hundreds of dollars every month”, but once I eventually approved, I realized they are several tricks you need to apply to increase your AdSense revenue.
There is this particular article I wrote last year that reveals the secret of boosting AdSense CPC using blocking control method, personally, I have been using this trick on my websites since 2019 and I haven’t faced any issue with Google.
Custom Search Engine Monetization is also a good way to monetize your blog but I won’t be talking about it here, so head over to the article and learn more about it.


Google AdSense alternatives? If you are reading this article it probably means you are having difficulties with AdSense approval and you are looking for other methods to monetize your website.

I have previously written some articles listing top reasons why AdSense keeps rejecting a website.
Some bloggers might be using images with copyright restrictions and this is a copyright infringement known as scrapped contents in Google AdSense. There are many ways to get copyright-free images that won’t get you AdSense policy violations.
Other bloggers (predominantly the newbies) on WordPress might be using the wrong WordPress platform. Yeah, this might sound surprising but there are 2 WordPress platforms and one doesn’t support AdSense monetization, so it is good to know the best WordPress for AdSense monetization.
There are bloggers who keep writing 100% unique articles but keep getting scrapped contents errors from Google, this might be because another blog might be copying for articles thus making them plagiarized, the best way to handle this is to report copyright infringement to Google.
Finally if you are the blogger who is infamous for copying and pasting articles written by other blogs, I have a better solution for you, it would assist you in writing premium articles that will get AdSense approval.
If after all these you still feel you need an alternative to Google AdSense then I suggest you keep reading till the end because we will be giving the best advertising agencies that can compete with Google AdSense.


Google AdSense still remains the best advertising agency and the easiest way to monetize your blog. The other ad agencies listed below are good but they are nowhere close to Google AdSense.
You might get more revenue from these AdSense alternatives depending on your website’s traffic and niche. Yeah you read this right, Google AdSense is the best way to monetize your website, but other ad agencies might pay you more than Google AdSense.


Skimlinks is an affiliate product advertising agency that pays publishers for every sale made with their short unique link and not for link click. This ad agency has 60,000 active worldwide publishers, 48,500 advertisers who display their products through Skimlinks and they make an average of $2.5 million sales every day. These stats are very impressive, thus giving them a spot in this list.
There is no limit to how much you can make from Skimlinks every day, they offer affiliate, CPC, CPA and other types of partner advertising.
Skimlinks is free and available to every publisher, the ad interface is easy to understand and approval is fast. Skimlinks’ minimum payout is $10 and they send payment via PayPal.
Viglink is similar to Skimlinks, it is ideal for business or e-commerce related blogs. You monetize your website with Viglink by making affiliate sales, so your earnings are not limited.
Blogs with outbound links to e-commerce pages or business pages (example: fashion stores) will get the best monetization experience with Viglink. For blogs without e-commerce and business outbound links, you can tweak this by manually adding business-related keywords like iPhone, Amazon, Apple, etc., Viglink will automatically detect these keywords, add links to them, and you will make decent money out of them.
Viglink is SEO friendly, it doesn’t drive traffic from your website and it can be used alongside Google AdSense.
The minimum payout for Viglink is $10 and all payment is sent to the publisher’s PayPal account.
Adversal is a display ads agency that requires lots of monthly traffic before a website gets approved. So, if your website drives lots of traffic, you will definitely enjoy Adversal native advertising via its self-serve platform.
Advsersal offers display, native, and video ads, so every publisher can easily get more interaction between their blog visitors and the ads being displayed.
Adversal will approve your website immediately they verify that your website doesn’t have nudity, viruses, pirated contents, illegal contents, and if you have a minimum of 50,000 pageviews every month.
Adversal’s minimum payout is $20 and unlike the previously listed ad networks that are related to only PayPal Adversal pay via wire transfer, ACH, and PayPal.
Amazon ad programming made this list? How is that possible? Yeah, you might have several questions on your mind right now, but Amazon display ads is an alternative to Google AdSense. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Amazon was the top Google AdSense alternative used by several blogs in 2019.
Amazon display ads was recently introduced so it isn’t as popular as its mother monetization network (Amazon Affiliate Program). Amazon display ad provides both CPM and Native Shopping Ads, so it’s like using a display and affiliate network concurrently.
Amazon display ad can be used by any publisher irrespective of your country but if you get lots of traffic from the United States of America and the United Kingdom, you will get the most out of this ad network.
There isn’t a minimum payout for Amazon display ad network, your earning can be sent to your PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, or Amazon Gift cards.
This list of best AdSense alternatives from small websites and big websites (both traffic and popularity) won’t be complete without Propeller Ads. When I launched Trybeweb, I started with Propeller Ads while waiting for AdSense approval.
Propeller Ads give instant approval, all you need to do is place the code on your website and you are good to go. Yeah, it is that easy but one of the drawbacks of Propeller Ads is that you need lots of monthly traffic before you get approved for Native Display Ads. Aside from that, you can enjoy its various ad types, its link ad is also a great alternative for people without blogs. Yeah, you can share the links on your social media accounts and get paid for every click.
Propeller Ads’ minimum payout is $25 (initially it was $5 but got changed to $25 for new accounts). They have various forms of payment (PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, etc.), so if you have little or lots of traffic and you want an alternative to Google AdSense then you have to try out Propeller Ads. is the closest ad agency than can be compared to Google AdSense in terms of available Ad types. Just like Google AdSense, is a contextual ad network that offers ads from high paying advertisers, this ad agency is owned by Yahoo and Bing. If you have used AdSense before or you are familiar with the AdSense ad types then you will understand why I stated that is similar to Google AdSense. is exclusively for quality blogs, so if you drive a huge amount of monthly web traffic you will get approval without breaking a sweat.
Similar to Google AdSense, the minimum payout of is $100 and can be received via PayPal or Wire transfer. If you get approved by, you can make lots of revenue using their display and text ads.
All the above-listed Ad networks can be used alone, with Google AdSense or with other Ad networks. Depending on the quality of your blog all these Ad networks can give you a huge amount of money every month. If your blog is still a start-up, I will recommend you use Propeller, Viglinks, and Skimlinks. If your blog has lots of traffic then using, Amazon, Adversal, and Propeller Ads will make you get the best out of all this traffic.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Custom Search Engine Monetization On AdSense

Google AdSense is the number 1 source of income for most bloggers (website owners) and getting approval is usually a joyful experience, Adside normal Ads displaying on the Publisher's website, there are several methods of earning with With a Google AdSense account but in today's article we will be talking about earning via Custom Search Engine Monetization.

What Is Custom Search Engine

Custom Search Engine best known as CSE is a google feature where website owners can embed a personalized Google Search Engine into their blogs, and when used by the blog's audience it would show search results with personalized Google Ads attached to it.

There are two types of Custom Search Engines:
  • Non-Monetized CSE
  • Monetized CSE
Non-Monetized CSE can be either placed on blogs that have been approved by AdSense or Not Approved but either way, the owner of the blog won't earn a dime from this CSE.

Monetized CSE can be placed on only approved blogs, they would display search results and Ads from google when any of those Ads are clicked the earning would reflect in the Publisher's AdSense dashboard.

How To Set Up Monetized CSE In 2019

  • Firstly you would have to login your Adsense Account and then click on ADS (found at the left sidebar).
  • A menu would drop down and you would find a list of options (Auto ads, Ad units, Ad balance, Custom channel, URL channels, and Other Products).
  • Click on Other Products and you will find 3 more options (Games, Search, and Video) click on Get Started With Adsense For Search).
Set Up Custom Search Engine 2019

  • Wait for some minutes then refresh your browser and you would notice a new menu called Ads for search has been added to the sidebar. Click on it and you see New Custom Search Engine click on it.

  • A form will come up with some spaces, fill the form like as shown in the picture below:

  • Then click Save and Get Code
  • Got to your blog and create a widget, place the code there
Congratulations!!!! You have successfully added CSE to your blog, one code can be placed in multiple parts of a blog.

Note: You have to wait for some minutes before the CSE is Monetized and earnings starts displaying on your AdSense Dashboard

Sunday, August 25, 2019

How To boost Adsense CPC using blocking control feature

Getting $0.09 per Ad click is very frustrating as this would take a very long time before reaching the AdSense payment threshold of $100, and at such rate, you would need a total of One Thousand One hundred and One clicks (1,111) to get to $100. Crazy right, well in today's article, Trybeweb will be discussing on how to boost your Adsense CPC by blocking low CPC advertisers using blocking control in Adsense Dashboard.
Adsense Blocking Control Feature Trybeweb

Why do you get low CPC?

Cost Per Click (CPC), is the amount that would be paid to you (publisher) from google after an Ad has been clicked from your website or application. The price of each click varies because of the difference in the Advertising Companies, some Companies tends to pay higher for each click like $3, $5, $9, $16 while some would pay very low ($0.25, $0.16) to the publisher.

Based on their terms, Google AdSense gives 60% of the Ad revenue paid by the Advertiser to You the Publisher, so every amount you get from a click has 40% of it taken by Google.

How To Boost CPC

In this article, I will be discussing 2 methods of boosting CPC, and they are all tested and proven to work flawlessly.

Method #1 Changing Niche

Your niche is a major determinant of your CPC, as advertisers would love to display their contents on Niches related to the Target business.
For example, if you run a website based on Travel & Tourism, You would display more Ads from Travel Agency, Flight Companies, Hotels and others related to leisure and fun).
According to research done by Trybeweb, we found a list of niches that pay high in 2019.
  • LOANS CPC $44
  • LAWYER CPC $42
  • DONATE CPC $42
  • CREDIT CPC $ 38
Switching to that Niche would definitely improve your CPC but it comes with numerous disadvantages like:
  • Getting Penalized by Google AdSense for writing unrelated contents (remember when applying for Adsense we were asked to choose a category for our blog so sticking to that category is advisable).
  • Losing traffic (a majority of your readers would stop visiting your website especially if they don't find interest in your new niche, a lover of Tech would hardly visit a cooking website).
  • Affect Your SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization and once a Niche is abruptly changed the SEO of that website would be affected and things like Domain Authority, Backlinks, Page Authority would also drop.
  • Poor Contents: The secrete to blogging success is writing about things you have passion for because it would give you more ideas on what to write on, get unique & professional articles and also help make your contents more helpful to your readers. 
The best alternative is opening a sub-niche (a niche related to your existing niche e.g: Music blog with Entertainment news as it's sub-niche, Technology Blog with App & Software Download as it's sub-niche, Travel blog with cooking recipes as its sub-niche) but avoid using something unrelated (Music blog with a sub-niche on Travel and lifestyle) as this would make your blog look very messy and unprofessional.

Method #2 Adsense Blocking Control

This is a very critical method and we advise you to refrain from it especially if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Blocking control is an AdSense feature that allows the website owner (Publisher) to stop some Ads from displaying on their blog. With this method, you can block low paying Advertisers and also stop unrelated adverts from displaying on your website.

How to use Blocking Control feature on Adsense
  • Firstly login your AdSense dashboard and at the left corner you would see Blocking ControlClick on it and a dropdown of options would show (Contents, Ad review center, All site, and then your website's name).
  • Click on All Sites and add the list of low CPC links you want to block (click here to download our approved list of Low CPC websites)
  • After downloading the list, open it and you would see 2 files, one containing a list of high CPC links and the other for low CPC links. Open the Low CPC links and select all the links, copy them and paste it in the box provided in your Adsense dashboard.
  • Finally, click on Block URLs and you have successfully blocked those low paying advertisers from displaying Ads on your website.
Adsense Blocking Control Feature Trybeweb

Note: It would take up to a minute to completely block all networks so do not close the page until the process is completed.

Once you have done that, you have to manually Add the High CPC networks. (click here to download our approved list of Low CPC websites)


While in that same page at the top you will find Ad Networks (this feature allows you to add some specific networks to display their Ads on your website.
So go back to the file you earlier downloaded and click on High CPC links, open it and you will find a list of links there. This method would take time as you cannot copy and paste them as we earlier did when blocking the low CPC links. So you have to manually copy each link one at a time and paste them in the provided box, it will search for the Ad network and you have to click allow. Repeat these steps for all the networks you want to allow.

Disclaimer: Blocking Ads too many Ads from displaying on your website would lead to low Ad impression but it is definitely a legal means of increasing your CPC and it doesn't violate any AdSense policy.

If you have questions or you are stuck while trying to block or add some Ads, do leave a comment or use the contact button to get professional assistance from Trybeweb

Friday, June 28, 2019

How To Report Copyright Infringement To Google

If you publish content on the internet, other people may copy and post it on their blog site. Some do it because of negligence, but eventually, by losing traffic, you have to pay the cost and your internet rank will decrease.

Report Copyright Infringement to Google

Google becomes more intelligent to find websites that replicate your content, but not every single time. When others copy articles from your blog, they can sometimes get higher ranking on search engines more highly than your original content.

This Tutorial will also teach you how to report these websites to Google if your content is also copied by others.

Reporting such pages to Google would lead to them being De-indexed from google search engine and thus your website rank increases, furthermore, if the reported page is on Blogspot/Blogger, Google also deletes the article from the blog and this process takes an estimated 3 - 9 days to be fully processed so you have to be patient.

How To Find Sites That Copies Your Contents

There are a lot of services out there that serves this function but my favorites are Smallseotools, and Copyscape because there are totally free, easy to use and shows you the list of all the website stealing your articles. (Note: if you post your articles on forums too, those forums would also be listed).

SmallSeoTools: Copy your articles and paste it in the space provided and then click check for Plagiarism, it would take only a couple of seconds and it will tell you how unique the article is, and if it is not 100% Unique, it would show you a list of websites with similar contents. This service is totally free but you are limited to 1000 words per search and unlimited search daily.

Copyscape: This is similar to Smallseotool but it has an easier method of just pasting the link of the article you want to check, and it will crawl the article, conduct an extensive search and give results of all websites with same contents. There is a daily limit to search conducted on a website and once exceeded, you will be required to buy premium service to continue.

Google Direct: Searching on Google for some specific keywords in your article is also an easier and quicker method of finding such websites for free.
Go to Google, type in your keywords and make sure it long enough and also use the quote sign at the beginning and end of the search. Hit the search button and you will see a list of all websites with the same words.

Example, search for "BEST SOURCES FOR COPYRIGHT FREE PICTURES". and surely Trybeweb should be the only one appearing on the search result.
Report Copyright Infringement to Google

How To Report Copied Contents To Google

Before reporting any website or web content, ensure that you have properly verified ownership of the content.
Head onto Google DMCA Page and you will see a series of options, select Submit a Legal Request.

Report Copyright Infringement to Google

A menu of different services would show up and you are expected to choose the platform which you want to file a legal claim on. If it is a website not hosted on Blogspot/Blogger, Select Web Search but if its a Blogspot hosted site you should select Blogger/Blogspot which is usually the option at the top. You can also select other options depending on the service you are reporting.

Report Copyright Infringement to Google

Lets say you are reporting a Blogspot hosted website, this is what you should do:
On the next page, you should pick this options:

  • Google Products: Blogspot/Blogger
  • What can we help you withI have found content that may violate my copyright (you won't find it in the first option so first, you have to click on "I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above."
  • Are you the copyright owner: Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.
  • Allegedly infringing work: If it is an Image or Video Select or Click Other.
After doing this, a link would be given and you are expected to click on it, you will be taken to a form where you are to fill information about yourself, your article and the blog stealing your intellectual property.

Report Copyright Infringement to Google

Fill the form in accordance with the question asked and make sure your replies are clear and very informative, as this would assist Google to investigate and take down the copied contents quickly. Multiple links can be reported using a single form so you don't have to go through this process multiple times.

Double check your replies and make sure no error is made before submitting the form for review. Wait for a few days and you will get an update from Google about the situation.

I hope this article helped you understand how to fight back copy and paste bloggers and also, bloggers who copy and paste should know that copying articles from Trybeweb would lead to severe punishment from Google.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Four Premium Tips To Writing Unique Articles

Creating Unique Articles is a nightmare for most bloggers, writers and website owners and most of them rely on Article spinners to get contents to post about.

Getting Unique articles for Adsense

In this Article, I will show you how to create unlimited unique high-quality articles written by a human. Yes, you heard me right, “written by a real human” and all of that without paying for copywriters or without the risk of “duplicate content” I know this sounds too good to be true right? but not with the best unique content generator I am going to show you in a few seconds. make sure you read this Article to the end because I will tell you how to get it all for free.

Let’s check it out.

As you already know, businesses all around the world use unique articles to post on their websites and for a CEO of a company/blog unique content is what works the best because otherwise it just plagiarism which is bad for your rankings.

There is one major problem that affects all of the businesses I just mentioned as well as my own blog and that problem is lack of time to write all of these articles by your own and to pay for them, which would result in spending extra money (we all hate that).

An average quality article costs around $10 or more, and decent article spinners cost at least $49 per month even if you hire a copywriter you need to check the articles before posting them because if you have ever ordered one you know that often times they need some Corrections and if you use regular content creation tools then you know that the contents being delivered from them are too plagiarized to publish them anywhere especially after the Google content quality updates.

Have you been experiencing these problems, it is almost impossible to get unique articles if you are constantly having to write them yourself while doing other parts of your business and probably you don’t want to hire expensive copywriters especially when you run multiple projects and you are not sure if they are all going be successful.

This Tips Would Help You Get Hundreds of Articles for Free

Avoid Stress
Writing shouldn't be stressful; the human mind is programmed in such a way that it works more efficiently when it is not being stressed out.

When writing an article, make sure your mind is clear from all worries and just flow with the article. Don't be in a haste to complete the article within a day because all good and unique articles are not completed in a day, and trying to rush an article would make you end up ruining the articles.

If you get to a point where you are stuck and have no idea on what to write about you can take a break, save your work and go out for a coffee, play some games, or check out some great stories on Facebook because all these activities would help ease the tension and might probably give you ideas on how to complete certain articles or even writing new ones.

Read More
Reading books, publications and other articles is a great way to come up with ideas for your own content. We shouldn't mistake reading contents for copying content, you should read more contents for the sole purpose of understanding them as this will help you get the basic idea about the subject matter and also help you write it out in your own understanding. 

Writing unique content is all about writing a topic based on how you understand them. Hundreds of bloggers can read just one book and come up with 300 different unique content if they truly understand what they read. You can get ideas by Reading newspaper publications, buy books from stores, content from other Websites and even documentaries.

Ask Friends for Ideas
A man is not an island of knowledge, so just one person cannot come up with ideas for everything. Asking friends for their opinion about a certain article and carefully listening to their answers or response would help you a lot in coming up with your own article.

Let's say you want to write about services provided in Rwanda Airways but you don't have enough idea or experience while flying with them, you can ask friends who have used their services and let them tell you about their experiences and this will give you lots of tips on that particular article.

If you want to write about cooking a certain delicacy, consult your friends who are Chefs or a great at cooking and they will give you lots of great tips which you can convert to your article. Your friends might not be there physically but you can ask such questions on social media, or even Quora and wait for their responses.

Voice Typing
Voice typing is the fastest and most convenient way to come up with an article because it is very stress-free and you don't need to write each word with your hands.

Download Google Docs on either your smartphone or your computer and then use the voice typing tools, relax you can even lie down but make sure your device is close to you so it can hear you properly, speak to it about what you want it to write and watch the magic. With voice typing, you can drive thousands of words in just minutes without being stressed or feeling tired.

This article you are reading was written via Google Voice typing, and I started and completed it in less than 30 minutes. Google voice typing is free and available to all devices.

I hope this article has helped you with improving you're writing and if you adhere strictly to these guidelines, in less than a month you would be a professional writer with hundreds of unique articles to your name.

If you have tips and further questions, a comment in the box and we will get back to you with help.

How To Boost Your Adsense Revenue Daily

Do you have an AdSense approved website but you are just not seeing the revenue that you want, well I have seen bloggers who have made millions of dollars just with Google AdSense alone and I have read a lot of social  media comments of bloggers about low Revenue on AdSense so I felt inspired to write this article and show you how you can increase your revenue with Google AdSense.

Boost Adsense Revenue

I will show you five steps that you can use on your website today to increase your revenue.

The first thing is having relevant content: Having good content will help generate better ads because Google’s algorithm for AdSense uses the content around it and where the person has been navigating to on the Internet to decide what to show the user.

So having really relevant and really engaging contents on your website will help find the best ads that will you know generate more clicks of your users, so make sure that you start having good contents on your website and having a good website that people want to go to because this alone can help increase your Google AdSense revenue, and the same way you will be getting more traffic from having good content.

Ads Placement: The next thing is one of the simplest and it is having your ads ATF. If you have ever seen this before and don’t know the meaning, ATF is an acronym which stands for “above the fold” so what does that mean? well think about it websites are made up of webpages, now when you are looking at a web page on your browser, there is a point where the contents stop and you will have to scroll down to see more contents, so if you think of it like a book page, this would be “above the fold” where the fold is on the website.

So, place as many ads as possible without ruining the user experience, you can have as many ads as possible above the fold so that when someone lands on your page they will see those ads first and the higher views of those Ads, the more they will get clicked on it.

So if you know the Ads on your web page are at the bottom it is more likely that less people are going to see it because you when they land on the page, the ads are not there for them and not all users scroll down a webpage so make sure that you are putting your ads above the fold.

Note: It is okay to have ads under the fold, you just want to make sure that you have some prominent ads that are above the fold so when someone reaches your site, they will definitely see the Ads.

Place Many Ads: The next one is increasing the number of ads on a page, Previously, you could only have a maximum of three AdSense ads on your website unless you are a premium publisher (according to AdSense Policies), and you could have up to five ads on your webpages but now they have removed that policy altogether and they just recommend having a good amount of ads for a good user experience.

So if you have a really large page, it is okay to put about eight ads on them, if you write really long contents, you can spread out that content and spread out the Ads and break it up into you know smart bits where you are not just overloading the user with ads.

This will maximize the number of clicks that you can get as well because there are more chances for someone to click on more ads.

Appearance Of Ads: Next is the color and the design of the ad, this is very important and it can be different for many websites and it depends on the color scheme of your website and you want your ads to be noticeable.

There is a thing called Ad blindness and that is where people are starting to get blinder to ads because they are used to seeing them so their brain kind of shut-out when they were looking at your website.

So having Ads that stick out by using different colors than the color of your website, something that makes it stand out more than just using plain old black or blue that default comes with AdSense. So, make sure your ads have color and that they are different from the colors of your website. Doing this will make them stick out more and it would surely get more clicks.

Site Optimization: The last one is very important and it is optimizing your site for mobile.
According to statistics, two out of three people are surfing the Internet on their mobile device, so it is highly likely that if you run a website that you are going be getting a lot of mobile users than desktop users. So, you want to make sure that you are optimizing your ads for mobile users.

Although AdSense now has responsive Ads that shrink and grow depending on the device that the person is coming from, you also want to look at the general layout of your site and know best places to put your Ads.

For example, you still want to use “above the fold” ads on your page, Ads display on mobile devices are smaller so  the fold will be smaller and impossible to work on both Desktop and Mobile platforms, so place an Ad right at the top and at the bottom where people will be using the buttons and scrolling on their Smartphones, these are great types of places to put ads on a mobile website.

AdSense offers two types of Ads, Text Ads, and Image Ads. We discovered that using text ads only gives a higher click-through rate but they produce less CPC and image ads gives less CTR and more CPC. Image Ads are clicked less but you will get higher CPC.

It is best to use both image and text Ads, and allow Google’s algorithm to figure out what works best on your website but this is another option that you want to look at.

A little extra tip: You should check and see what is working best on your site and if it is text then maybe you should be using more text ads, but if it is images then you should have more image ads.

I hope this Article helped you understand how to increase your AdSense revenue and get you some extra cash.

If you have further questions or you want to share more tips, kindly use the comment section (Someone might find this helpful so why not share this with them).