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Thursday, July 18, 2019

MX Player: Best Video Player For Android

Mx player is undoubtedly the best video player for android devices due to its numerous functionalities, ability to play any video format, picture-in-picture mode and a host of other features.

Mx Player for android

In this article, Trybeweb will be giving a full review of Mx Player, how to use its full features and why it is the best video player for Android users.

Mx player is an awesome video software created by J2 interactive, that is packed with advanced hardware acceleration for smooth watch experience. Since its launch to the android store in June 2011, this apps has had an incredible 500+ Million downloads officially from Google play store, with Millions of downloads from other android stores like APK Pure and blackmart.

This is the most downloaded Android video player and also a Google PlayStore Editor's choice application for Video Players, a 4.5-star⭐ rating from ‎7,468,412 votes, this app is obviously the best and this is not a fluke.

Features Of Mx Player

Video Player: The basic feature of Mx player is that it acts as a video player, that supports any video format (Mp4, Mkv, 1080P, 2040P etc) and plays them without lagging, thanks to its Hardware Acceleration and Multi-core Decoding. This player enables Android users to watch movies in formats that would normally not play on Android devices.

Live Streaming: Mx player supports live streaming of events like Sports, News, Movies, Concerts, etc. Thanks to its in-built video streaming software, users can enjoy live shows directly from the app with incredible speed and HD quality.

Picture-In-Picture: PIP mode gives users the ability to watch videos while doing other activities like surfing the internet, Facebook, Whatsapp or writing an article. This recently added feature minimizes the playing screen and changes it to a floating screen, so users would get more screen space and still get the uninterrupted video playing.

Subtitle Download: Watching a movie without subtitles might seem uncomfortable to some users, also it is impossible to watch a movie in a language you don't understand. Thankfully, Mx player provides an option for users to automatically download a subtitle for any movie and automatically synchronize it with the app. This process is fully automated so you only have to click on "Search Subtitle" and the App would display a list of subtitles related to the movie.

Also, users can import subtitle files from the local file storage into the app.

Equalizer: with its sound equalizer, users can fine-tune the sharpness of the video sound, use Bass Booster to get more sound and several options of equalizers to choose from (Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock or use a customized equalizer.

Audio Player: Mx player also comes with an in-built audio player that can be used to play songs, Mixtapes, Voice clips and recordings of all format. Fade on start and end of every audio is also available to give each song a smooth intro and outro.

Hidden Media: Hidden video files can be accessible on Mx player, this is a good option that can help in locating those annoying video Ads that are automatically downloaded by Apps without the User's consent. Files can also be deleted directly from Mx player.

Click here to download the latest MX player from the Google Play Store for free (Download MX Player)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Best Chinese SmartPhone 2019

Infinix, Techno, Honor, Huawei, are popular smartphone brands affliated to Chinese (Asian) companies and they need no introduction as they are among the most sort after Android smartphones. After it was officially launched in the United Kingdom in 2018, Xiaomi, aswell is an upcoming brand that is rapidly getting popular. 

Best Chinese Smartphones 2019

Trybeweb has made a list of "Best Chinese Smartphones of 2019"

There are several brands like Vernee, Umidigi, Homtom, Ulefone, Meizu, Letv, Elephone, Doogee, Leagoo, Maze, Buboo, Oukitel, Fero and a host of others that might not sound familiar to audience outside the Asian market but in a bid to penetrate the global market, these devices gives amazing specifications at an incredidbly low price.

The major setback with these brands is coverage and availability, so getting your hands them in Countries outside Asia is pretty hectic but thankfully services like Ebay, Jumia, Amazon are all here to make it easier for You.

Advantages of buying a Chinese Phone

  • Amazing Specifications
  • Sleek Design
  • Dual Sim
  • Consumer friendly prices
  • Being Unique among your friends 

Disadvantages of buying a Chinese Phone

  • Delay in delivery
  • Extra Charge on Import Duty
  • Shipping fee (some brands offer free shipping)
  • Poor Customer Service and after sale support
  • Difficulty in returning faulty devices
  • Network Locked devices
  • Google Play Services not Installed

Features and Specifications of Chinese Phones

Dual Sim: Most of these devices comes with a standby dual sim and in some cases, the second sim slot might also be used for external SD card (so you have to decide if you want dual sim with no Sd card, or single sim with an SD card), but most of these brands offers a seperate space of SD card and dual sim support.

Network Band: With 5G expected to be rolled out soon, most of these devices supports 4G networks on both sim slot (some offer 4G for 1 slot and 3G for the other slot). 

Contact your network provider to ensure that the device will support your 4G network because although these devices offers 4G, they might not work with some networks outside Asia. While looking up the phone's specifications, make sure you check the  frequency bands it supports before urchasing giving that most Chinese smartphones does not offer 800MHz (band 20).

Processors: Major Brands like Smasung, Nokia, LG uses Qualcomm processors, majority of these Chinese brands come with cheaper MediaTek Chips. For those who dont know the difference between this two chipsets, Qualcomm are faster and more relaible than MediaTek, that is why a 2gb RAM smartphone using Qualcomm would be more efficient than a 4gb RAM MediaTek device  (Read how to Increase Phone speed and perfromance), also Mediatek devices only support HotKnot while Qualcomm support NFC.

Memory Space: These devices uses RAM and ROM as its major selling point because that is what most customers look for when getting a new device. Chinese Devices usually ofeers between 3gb to 6gb RAM, with 32gb or 64gb ROM, but a few of them offer 128gb ROM unlike the Samsung and iPhone brands.

Finger Print / Security: It is rare to see a smartphone without a fingerprint scanner for swift unlock, some also support face and voice unlock.

Camera: Dual-lens main camera and a single lens secondary caera with a flashlight is common for these brands. Face Beauty, Panoroma, Night Mode, Protrait Mode and Wide Selfie are usually added to make Camera time a fun time.

These aforementioned features are the general specifictions, some devices might offer more while some will offer less, so its recommended you read the full specification and customer review of a device before purchasing.

Trybeweb Best Smartphone of 2019 

Redmi Note 7
The Redmi Note 7 is a flagship phone of the Xiaomi brand, and it is close to perfection. Packaked with a 128gb ROM, Dual-Sim, Micro SD slot, Android 9.0 (latest Android OS), 42Megapixels Camera, the Note 7 is a beast in both performance, durability and battery life (See photos of the Xiami Redmi Note 7 Sent to space).

The Note 7 comes in two Variants but you should definitely go for the Chinese Variant which is onviously better in specs.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Top Sites That Pays For Surveys Worldwide

According to statistics the average human is spending more than 3 hours a day on social media (Movies and video streaming, blogs, music streaming, news sites and a host of others) and a total of 6 hours on the Internet every day.

The world has become a global village, thanks to social media and the internet in general, where everyone can be anyone, access other countries ' websites and even work in different countries.

Ever thought of working in the United States of America and getting paid in real money? You don't need to be an American Citizen or even be in America to get a job there. Yes, you heard me correctly. $$$$$.

There are many companies out there that pay real cash to users for surveys, and I have seen many and tried several with many fake, while some have actually worked, so that today I will break down some survey sites that pay users to participate.

Note: Some of these sites are meant for users of the host country and outsiders restricted from participating from a different country (An American survey site might not allow people browsing from a different country to participate in their survey) but we will bypass that all thanks to the Technical know-how of Trybeweb.

A good thing about paying survey sites is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to participate in their surveys because the questions asked are not a test of intelligence but to know more about daily issues around you and your community, you just need a device with good internet connection and simple knowledge on how to use the survey site or app.


First on my list is Poll pay, an American/Canadian survey site that pays out perfectly. Minimum withdrawal is $5 and there is no limit to how much you can earn in a day. Their payout is fast and payment can be sent by numerous ways (Paypal, GiftCards, Google Pay, Spotify, Steam, Playstation, Starbucks and much more).

Now this site is meant for Americans & Canadians only but by Using Our Free NordVPNPremium and changing your IP address to USA or Canada you can participate in this survey and make money like everyone else. (for those using this survey outside America, I advise you to use PayPal to collect your earnings because it works 100%.

Poll Pay is my favorite survey site because even if you don’t qualify for the survey questions, they will still pay you some amount of money (let’s say a survey is available and you open it but they say you are not qualified for this survey, they will still pay you some dollars just for clicking on the survey and closing it).

  • Make sure you are connected to a VPN
  • Go to Google Play store and Search for PollPay or [Click Here]
  • Signup with your valid email address
  • Now use this Promo code FMMR2VASKQ and you will be given a promo bonus for signing up. Make sure you copy the code correctly or you won’t be given the Bonus $$.

  • Click on survey and you will find the list of available survey
  • If you want to withdraw your money, click on withdraw and choose your desired method (I prefer paypal), put your details and you will get your money.


Switched Africa is a survey site for Africans, they have a very simple interface and their questions are straight forward, easy to answer and you get paid for your participation.
Mode of payment include shopping voucher (Jumia, Shoprite, Kilimanjaro, Next Cash N Carry etc), Airtime and Data, Cable subscription (DStv, Gotv, etc), Electricity subscription and a host of other services.
The money gotten from this survey site can be used to buy Good and services but cannot be sent directly to your bank account. 
So, you can easily use it to buy things from Jumia, airtime or simply eat a free meal at kilimajaro.

Website: [Click Here]


This is one of the best platforms out there that pays out real cash, hundreds of surveys daily, watch videos, try apps, visit links and get paid. Swagbucks has been functional since 2007 and has paid out millions of dollar$ to its users.

Swagbuck is for Americans & Canadians but you can register and participate using our free Premium NordVPN.

Use this promotional link and automatically get $3 for free [Click Here]

Let’s do some quick calculations to see how much you can earn in a year if you are fairly active:
Besides that, there are also other ways to earn money from SwagBucks like watching videos, shopping, completing offers and more.
That’s equal to 56,095 swag bucks per year, or $560.95!

Sample image of Another User's Earnings
Other Great Survey sites include: