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Wednesday, January 29, 2020



Engineering drawing software uses rasters and/or vectors to create illustrations in 2D or 3D, these illustrations are usually portrayed in images, diagrams, charts, and graphs. This type of engineering drawing applications also has information regarding processes, materials, & dimensions, and includes technical drawings drafts.

Engineering Drawing Software

CAD (computer-aided drawing) is the first and oldest engineering drawing software. CAD was primarily created as a 2D drawing software with few tools for drawing like simple lines and circles drawing tools. Since then, this engineering application has useful extensions like Wire Frame that allows users to easily create 3D drawings.

Engineering drawing applications like Solid Works or Auto-CAD allows drafters and engineers to create and develop electrical and mechanical drawings. One of the most important features of an engineering drawing software is that it saves time and stress that usually comes with building drafts for engineers, technicians, drafters, and other scientists. The uniformity of the drafts that this software can produce is also a noteworthy feature. Most engineering drawing applications has an in-built collection of components and parts that are available to be dragged and dropped onto the screen.

Thanks to the existence of software like Solid Works, engineers can create 3D drawings that are more interactive and responsive than drawings from older engineering software. Aside from drafting illustrative diagrams, engineering drawing programs sometimes include process diagrams and flow charts. Microsoft Visio can be used to execute these types of engineering drawings, Visio and a little bit of software programming has been singlehandedly used by companies to completely build assembly procedures and part descriptions.

Engineering Drawing

There are several engineering drawing applications with some being able to carry specific tasks while others are multifunctional. MCAD Software (Mechanical Computer-Aided Design Software) is mainly used by mechanical engineers, Solid Works is one of the outstanding MCAD software currently available. File formatting is stored in Microsoft Structured Storage. This file type includes several files interwoven into each other such as images, metadata files, previews. Engineering drawing is usually handled by technical illustrators or drafters but engineers spend more time studying drawings and making calculations related to such drawings.

Best software applications used as aids in engineering drawing

There are lots of good engineering drawing software available but choosing the best depends on what task(s) is expected to be carried out. Some of the best engineering software include:

  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • AutoCAD
  • Mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD)
Other drawing and image editing software like Ms Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and GNU image manipulation program (GIMP) are used alongside the above-listed engineering drawing software to give out excellent results.

Check out this video ;



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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Most articles I write on are based on my personal experience and today after switching on my HP laptop, I got a pop-up notification on my screen alerting me about my windows license expiring.
Initially, I thought it was a minor glitch and it would fix itself (because my Laptop came with a factory-installed Windows 10 and it was meant to last for a lifetime, or whenever I upgrade to a higher Windows version). 


So I ignored the notification and went about my normal activities of surfing the internet and also working on my website TRYBEWEB but the notification kept on distracting me by popping up on the screen and I have to close it every time it comes up, so I got irritated and decided to give my full attention and fix the error.


Microsoft keeps rolling out Windows update (minor and major) with some of these update giving under the hood changes like security improvement, bug fixes anti-virus, etc, while major update gives a full upgrade to the Operating System of the computer (Windows Vista > Windows 7 > Windows 8 > Windows 8.1 > Windows 10).

With all these Major upgrades, users are expected to buy the official version of their OS from Microsoft and they are provided with a license key which is used to activate the Computer.

Some users tend to go for the trial version which gives them a license to use the OS for a limited period of time, after which it expires and they are expected to pay for further usage. So once a license expires, the users lose full privileges and some functionalities of their Windows PC (both Laptop and Desktop).



There are several methods used in fixing WIndows License error but Trybeweb will be sharing the method that worked 100% for me and since applying this, I have not faced further errors.


  1. Go to Windows Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager in the Menu.
  2. Click on processes and you will see a long list of all processes (applications) running on your computer. Scroll down to find a running Process called Explorer Process (it is a system process so it is usually found at the bottom region so scroll there to find it).
  3. Once you find it, right-click on it and click on End Task. (this would make your windows background and all other activities to disappear but do not panic).
  4.  At the top of Task Manager, you will see a button called File, click on it and select Run New Task, a mini window will pop up and then you have to write these exact words "Explorer.exe" (don't add the quotes) and click on ok.
  5. At this point, the User Interface of your windows would go back to normal. Open Comand Prompt (CMD) by clicking the Windows key and the X key together then select CMD as Administrator (a menu would pop up just click on yes to continue).

  1. Once the CMD has been properly launched type in these words "slmgr -rearm" (make sure there is a space in between slmgr and -rearm) press the Enter button and a pop up will show saying "Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect" click on OK and restart your computer.
Congratulation your License error has been fixed and you won't get any further annoying pop-ups.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

WhatsApp Launches Finger Print Security For Android Users

In a bid to increase user security and privacy, WhatsApp has announced that Fingerprint unlock would be added to its new features for Android users. Although it is still in testing mode, this feature has been available to iOS users for months now but Android users are to wait for further testing as it is only available to Beta testers.


For Beta testers who signed up via Google PlayStore, once you install the latest version 2.19.221, navigate to the Settings > Privacy and you will find the Fingerprint lock option.

Due to its side-server switch, this feature might not work with your first trial but users are advised not to panic, also backing up all chats is highly recommended as uninstalling the app and reinstalling might be required for some devices.

Once the option is available, setting up the fingerprint lock is similar to the same setup found in our android devices. WhatsApp would communicate to your device and permission access would be required for WhatsApp to save your biometrics (Fingerprint Data) on your phone to enable it to work with your device. 


Increasing privacy just got better as options to hide notification contents displaying on your lock screen has been added.

To get the latest WhatsApp with fingerprint feature, Beta testers can head directly to the Google PlayStore  or alternatively download it from APK MIRROR

Monday, July 1, 2019

Best AntiVirus For Computer

Antivirus software will allow malware (virus) to be detected, prevented or removed from our pcs. This process is performed in a quick time frame with lightning. When connecting a USB, CD, some of the way our computer can catch malware (viruses) while using the internet. So, antivirus software can detect, deter, and remove the malware from our PCs when we have installed antivirus software on our PCs.

Best AntiVirus 2019

Why Malware / Viruses Are Bad For Your Computer
If our computer has malware, our computer gets slow, stuck, too many errors , etc. While we have malware, we can't work on the computer because It's all acting insane. We should, therefore, remove malware (viruses) completely from our computer.

How To Remove Viruses / Malware From Computer
If Your computer has a malware issue, Antivirus Software should remove malware. There's another malware removal trick, but it's not an ideal way. The trick is to format your desktop and reinstall your used operating system

Trybeweb proposes that malware be deleted from your laptop using antivirus software. This is a secure and excellent way of doing things. Antivirus software detects malware, which implies how it affects and prevents malware. Software Antivirus informs you and we can extract it from our pcs. 

Most Efficient Anti-Virus For Computers
Antivirus software is available everywhere, but for our pcs, we should choose the best antivirus software. The main thing is, computers are slow to install anti-virus software and can't operate until this process is completed. 

These are the best antivirus software Trybeweb suggests.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus.
  2. Avast Anti-Virus.
  3. Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  4. Avira Anti-Virus.
  5. Norton Anti-Virus.

Windows 10 users are not required to install any of these anti-viruses because their Software comes with an Inbuilt Anti-virus called Windows Defender which works great and it is totally free

Monday, May 6, 2019

Redmi Note 7 Sent to Space, Survives And Returns With Amazing Photos

Xiaomi is back again and this time they have done the seemingly impossible by sending the Redmi Note7 to Space, an unorthodox strategy to boost the brand's popularity and further penetrate the Smartphone market.

In its initial introduction to the public, Xiaomi shared videos of the Redmi Note7 being smashed on the ground, the back of the phone used as a chopping board, and even throwing the phone off staircases, to show off its permanence.

Xiaomi decided to take advertising to the next level by sending the phone to outer space and using it to take live photos of space at an altitude of 31,729 meters (most devices would break at such altitude due to pressure).

A video captioned "little King Kong" was posted by Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, showing the phone being launched into space using a balloon. This is a great display to prove the durability of the Redmi Note7 which Xiaomi claims can withstand any environment thanks to the addition of Gorilla Glass 5 on the back and the front side of the phone.

VIDEO: Source (Youtube)

Xiaomi also used the opportunity to show off the awesome 48Megapixels Camera that comes with the Note7.

Eventually, at an altitude of 35,376meters, the balloon could not withstand the atmospheric pressure of 1Kpa and popped, sending the phone crashing back to earth. Surely it wouldn't survive the fall right? think again because amazingly the phone was working perfectly after falling from space, the phone was working perfectly during the whole test with an internal Temperature of 9 degrees Celcius and an external Temperature of -56 degrees Celcius (we'd all be dead frozen at that temp.).

The Xiaomi has proven beyond all doubts to be a remarkable device and surprisingly it doesn't cost much compared to other devices with similar or even lower specifications.

Images shared on Twitter  by Xiaomi showed images taken from space and it was noticed in the picture watermark that the 48-megapixels variant of the phone was used in this test, the 48-megapixels variant of Redmi Note7 is the Chinese version of the device, while the Indian version comes with a 12-megapixels primary sensor being accompanied by a 2-megapixels depth sensor.

The Note7 has two variants, with a 3gb RAM & 32gb ROM and the other featuring a 4gb RAM & 64gb ROM, with both variants featuring a Snapdragon 660 SoC and 4000mAh battery.

More Photos from Space:
Note7 takes pictures in space

Note 7 Cinese Variant

Redmin note 7 sent to space

Sunday, April 14, 2019


It can be irritating and also quite upsetting to have a slow/lagging phone as it restricts what a user can do and sometimes it will not stop until the phone is forcefully restarted.

Image result for lagging android phones

Some mobile phone users actually think that a phone speed is primarily influenced by its RAM and this ideology has left users to adopt devices with high RAM and completely disregard other key technical requirements including processor and space for memory.

I will share tips in this article on how to increase your smartphone's reliability and performance and also stop continuous lagging.

Your smartphone becoming glitchy can be attributed to each other in a way due to numerous reasons. We're going to talk about all possible reasons why your once fast phone is now slow to respond to the touches, actions and tasks that it has been assigned.

Background Apps
To know that running multiple background programs negatively impacts your smartphone's performance, you don't have to be a rocket scientist. In the course of time we continue to download and install multiple mobile applications and forget to uninstall them even if we no longer use them. Some of these apps have complete access to run in the background without having to run them and use background resources in this process, access the internet using your data, refresh their data or even view and rewrite some part of the system in the background.

Smartphones have limits on their core resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) and all apps running concurrently in the background and apps running in the foreground share this. Lots of simultaneous applications usually slow down your device's system, especially after playing heavy games like (PUGB, Asphalt, Football).

Gaming on smartphone

Fix: By uninstalling old and unused apps and also checking for apps that use a lot of background data and halt them, you can help improve the performance of your device. To see the list of applications running, go to Settings > About Phone > Developer Options and click Running Service Button.

Low Memory Space (ROM)
System slows down as its memory storage gets full, negatively impacting your device's speed as applications typically write new data that is automatically stored in the memory. Because of thousands of undeleted media files (pictures, video clips, songs), app-created logs, and app-created cache files, memory fills easily.

Image result for clean android memory

When files are becoming bulky, finding their data files through the countless saved files clustering in the ROM becomes complicated for some core system applications, this increases the time taken to locate needed files and slows down your smartphone.

Fix: To reduce fragmentation and allow quick and easy access to files, regular memory clean-up is recommended. Latest android devices are packed with built-in cleanup functionalities that help locate and delete some obsolete files or you can delete them manually via your file manager.

Yeah, to most viewers this may sound surprising, but batteries also determine your device's reliability and performance.

Constant use leads to battery life wearing out, dropping in battery power and always leaving our phone looking for a power source to keep it running. Bad batteries easily overheat, causing heat up n other components around it, which in turn slows down the performance of your device.

Image result for weak phone battery

The CPU is quite temperature sensitive, so when the CPU starts to heat up, the phone's power management feature would try to fix the problem by reducing the speed of the processor. If your CPU and RAM are running at a high speed, the battery needs more current, resulting in a rapid drop in the percentage of the battery and affecting battery life.

Fix: The apparent and technical way to resolve this issue is to replace the existing battery with new ones, sadly changing batteries in smartphones is getting tough as manufacturers are now making their devices with undetachable batteries that would be tricky for most people trying to change the battery on their own. Do not run different heavy Applications that increase the use of CPU.

Dying Memory
As batteries die over long years of service, so do memories (RAM & ROM) get affected with time, these memories have their life-cycle. Continuous data writing and deleting in the memory of the device leads to its retrogression and with time leads to memory failure of a system. The longer a memory is used, the more often it gets write errors that slow down the memory by reducing the response time of the device.

Image result for mobile rom and ram

Fix: There really is no practical way to solve this problem because such hardware can not be changed on a smartphone. Normal memory chips last within a range of two – three years, but some high-end smartphones are packed with high-quality chips that last up to 10 years.

App and OS updates
Apps are frequently updated to suit their users ' needs, improve their performance, and eliminate bugs. But as these apps are being updated, some operating systems may find it difficult to fully support it, some may provide partial support and others may not support it. These updates are mainly rolled out for the latest hardware, but users with older and incompatible users tend to install them, leading to a delay in device performance.
Image result for android os update

Fix: Make further research on its compatibility with your device before installing Apps and Updating OS, read online reviews and also talk to users who have installed them and learn about their experience before proceeding with the update.

Read our Article on things to do before buying a new phone

With time, most of our devices will have to be changed to meet the demands of advancing technology, using a device to its maximum potential is quite thrilling, but taking good care of your smartphone and being careful about its health would help to increase the life cycle and prolong your device's efficiency.

Friday, April 12, 2019


It's quite an exciting and wonderful experience to buy a new phone, but buying a used device isn't all rosy because it can be a lot of complications with the device.

Smartphones on Display

In this new age of technological advancement, there are a wide range of smart devices with great specifications and great specs that come with great price tags that leave most people going for fairly used devices that are usually cheaper


Cost Price: Used phones are cheaper than new ones because they have been "used" by previous owners who decide to sell them for many reasons. Some are selling their phones because they are old, others because they have another, some are selling money for something else while others are selling because the phone has some (significant or insignificant) faults.


  • Durability: how long the phone will last before it breaks down, will serve for a long time, or in a few weeks or months, it will stop working. Old devices are not as durable as new ones because many hands, different applications, and numerous tasks were performed before they were sold.
  • Battery life And performance: the older the phone becomes, the weaker the battery life becomes and the slower the performance..
smartphones charging

  • Credibility: In particular when buying a used phone from untrusted stores, some sellers may not be credible. Some of these devices may be stolen, damaged software, rooted, hardware problems, or not working.
  • Continuity: as new devices arrive on the market, their producers usually discontinue old ones. Buying a discontinued phone means you won't get the company's support for hardware and software, no customer support, no software upgrade. If anything happens to the phone, you'd be stuck with the stress of fixing it in untrusted service centers that could cause more damage to your device.
  • Look: Classy and chick-like old phones might not look like a new one, scratches, cracks and dirt might all over it, and they're usually a sore eye.


When you buy a used phone, we advise you to visit trusted online stores such as Ebay and Jumai, these are a few of the many trusted stores out there that could give you a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

We advise you to take the following steps before paying for the phone in situations where you buy from a seller you met online from places like (Facebook, Twitter OLX, JIJI and other buying and selling forums).

  1. Check for the actual device specification you want to purchase before meeting with the buyer, this would give you an advantage if the phone sold to you is a refurbished or cloned device.
  2. Make inquiries about the seller and try to get from their previous customers as much information as you can about him / her.
  3. Make arrangements to meet in a public place that is secured. Do not meet at awkward times like very early in the morning or late in the evening, your meeting point should be at wide daylight and at a convenient location that can be easily found and has lots of people around.
  4. Do not be in a hurry to conclude the deal when you meet the buyer, take your time and get to know them better, go through the phone and check if they meet the one posted online (from the official website of the device).
  5. Also try to operate the phone in order to test its performance for at least 20 minutes, perform the following tasks:
  • Test the camera and make sure the flashlight works as clearly, sharply and excellent as stated.
  • Test speakers by playing a song or video, raise it to its maximum sound, and listen to crackling noise (if any, you're dealing with a broken speaker phone).
  • Test the speed and performance of your phone by running multiple apps and playing a game if installed. Check for warmth and lagging as well.
  • Battery life testing by noticing the percentage of the battery before and after use.
  • Test whether accessories such as earpiece port and charging ports work properly (I suggest you go with a power bank).
  • Test the sim slots, memory card slots and make sure they work, don't just use your sim card and media card, try yours on the device as some device may be sim selective.
  • Check the IMEI by dialing* #06 #and check the credibility of the numbers. By visiting this site, you can confirm the authenticity of any IMEI CLICK HERE and they will provide you with full information about the IMEI or if the phone's Pack is available, the IMEI is usually printed on the Pack and is at least15-digit long.
  • Test if they use the sound recorder to buy the mouth piece and say random words and then play it back. Make sure you're audible and in the play back you can hear yourself properly as well.
  • Test the mobile network by turning it on and visiting a web page, and also make sure that you call to test its Radio receivers with the phone.

If all these tests are passed, pay for the device, then you're good to go.

Buying a used phone might be cheaper, but it won't give you the maximum experience as the new one would, if you can't afford a phone because of the price, there are better alternatives that give the same performance and are cheaper, but if you insist on getting a phone used, make sure that it meets all the above requirements and also be careful not to be scammed, don't pay before delivery

Samsung Smarthphone box

If you're not good at tech and gadgets, make sure you take a more experienced telephone buddy with you to help you perform the tests.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How To Fix Fast Charging Issues On Smartphones.

Slow charging can be very annoying especially when you need your phone full before heading out in a limited space of time.

Multiple Phones Charging

Many smartphone manufacturers have added to their devices the fast charging feature that allows them to charge at nearly 5 times the normal speed.

Note that the flash charge is a hardware feature that can not be downloaded from the internet or from the app store.

Top African brands like Tecno and Infinix boasted about their fast charging as it became only the most after features when purchasing a mobile device.
Phones like the Infinix Hot5, note5, note4 are thought to go from 0 percent to 20 percent in 5 minutes under good charging condition via X-Charge which is fast charging Infinix version.

Tecno brands such as Cammon X, Phantom 8, and Cx air also have the Tecno flash charging feature that gives them the edge when charging over other smartphones.

Apart from charging your device at an incredible speed, the fast charging feature also helps maintain battery life and prevents battery overheating while charging.

My Phone Doesn't Support Flash Charging. What Do I do?

Telephones that do not support the flash charging feature are out of the trend and may be extinguished from the smartphone market over time.

Some developers of the Android app have released applications claiming to be able to quickly charge just any phone. Fast charging is a hardware and by software application can be installed in a device.

If your device does not support quick charging, you can use the methods below to help increase charging speed:

  • Close all app while charging your phone.
  • Switch off data and wifi connection.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode.
  • Reduce backlight.
  • Make sure you use the company recommended charger
  • Avoid faulty USB cables.
  • Switch off the phone.

My Phone Once Supports Fast Charge But Stopped.

Some users complained about their device being unable to charge quickly after a while. If your smartphone stops charging quickly, it may be due to some minor problems and today we're going to give some tips on how to fix these problems.

  • First, make sure you use the recommended charger and cable, as not all phones charge quickly, not all chargers are able to charge quickly, so use the original charger that came with your device or visit your mobile support store to purchase a new one. Oraimo chargers also promote rapid charging, and if you don't have access to the factory approved charger, it's a good replacement. Nigerian can get high speed Oraimo charger for the rate of (N2,000) in top smartphone retail outlets.
Red Charging Cables

  • Verify that the charger is entirely inserted in, earlier this afternoon the very same situation happened to me. When I loaded my Infinix note5 I discovered it wasn't flash charging and I decided to give it some time, 15 minutes later and it wasn't flash charging then I noticed that the port between the USB Dongle and the charger head wasn't completely connected, so I turned off the socket and pushed the charger in and then turned it back on and it began X-charging automatically.
  • Please ensure sufficient electric power is supplied by the electrical outlet. Yeah, some devices require some output power to charge quicker so make sure your device is connected to an outlet that provides adequate electrical juice and note that plugging your phone into a computer will never charge it rapidly. Low electrical power generators can also stop your phone from charging  quickly at times.
  • Bad battery is also a determinant so make absolutely sure your battery is in excellent health and if it isn't, it's time to try a new battery and only go to the original one as counterfeit batteries don't charge quickly or may stop after a few days.
  • The charging port of your phone (charging points) also helps determine the rate your phone charges at. Always check your ports and remove dirt and other residues. If you observe that your charging port is malformed, take it for a fix to a repairman and your device should return to fast charging.
Samsung Device

  • Viruses on your mobile phone during software upgrades can also prevent your phone from charging easily. Last year when I was using the infinix Note 4pro, it ceased flash charging all of a sudden and I tried several different ways like obtaining a new charger, trying a friends charger but all in vain so I gave up hope until I came across an article in their official chat forum with lots of users complaining about the same issues after initializing the company's released software upgrade. If you are in such a scenario, it is suggested that you wait until a new fix update is released or take your device to its customer support and service center for downgrade.

Always make sure you use the approved charger to power your devices as it helps maintain a healing battery and also provides enough juice for your phone to keep it going all day long. Turn off the electricity from the power supply and unplug your chargers to prevent the charger from being heated.