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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How To Set Up And Limit Number of Devices On Android 10 Internet Hotspot

How to Limit the numbers of devices that connect to Android 10 Internet Hotspot.

Android 10 mobile hotspot

Although it is not advisable to use your Smartphone as your main source of Internet, they are times we have no choice but to improvise and use them especially in situations where our main source of Internet connection (Wi-Fi, LAN) is unavailable.

In this article, Trybeweb information tech will guide you on how to set up your mobile Internet hotspot on Android and also how to limit the number of devices that can connect to your Internet hotspot.

Normally, the Internet hotspot button can be easily located at the device's quick settings drawer (pull down the notification bar), but this would only give you the option to switch on/off the mobile Internet hotspot. Before using your android Internet hotspot, it is advisable to configure it to meet your needs. 

The Android 10 hotspot interface is similar to other Android versions, it can be easily accessed from the Android's quick draw setting but to configure your Android 10 Internet hotspot you will need to follow the steps given below.

Hidden Secret: How to browse and download unlimited with Google Free Wifi.

Steps to configure Android 10 mobile hotspot connect:

  • Open the Settings menu ⚙
  • Click Network & Internet 
  • Click Hotspot & Tethering
  • Click Wi-Fi hotspot
On this page, you can see options to switch the hotspot on/off. To configure the Android 10 hotspot to your specifications you need to do the following;
  • Click on Hotspot name (change the default name to your preferred name, this name will be broadcasted from your Android 10 Internet hotspot to other Wi-Fi enabled devices).
  • Click Security and select WPA2 PSK (this is to encrypt your Android 10 Internet hotspot so that only people with your password can connect to the hotspot). Select None if you want your Internet hotspot to be open and anyone can connect without your permission.
  • Click on Hotspot password to change the default Android hotspot password to your preferred one (using an alphanumeric password is advised). 
  • Click on Advanced to see more features and configure your Android 10 hotspot more.
    • Turn off hotspot automatically (this is a battery saving feature that helps reduce Android battery consumption by automatically switching off the Internet hotspot when no device is connected to it for 10 minutes).
    • AP Band (Just as Bluetooth have versions, Wi-FI also have bands. Normally you would see two options 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz If you choose 2.4 your device would only broadcast to devices that support 2.4GHz band if you choose 5.0 only devices that supports that band would seen your Android mobile hotspot).
    • Reset OOB (should in case you get stuck or face errors this would take your Android mobile hotspot to its default settings).
    • Maximum connection (you can use this to limit the number of devices that connect to Android 10 Internet hotspot). Normally, only 10 devices can connect to your Android Internet hotspot but you can limit the connect to 1 device.
    • Connected users (this shows you the number and name of devices connected to your Android Internet hotspot). You can also see the MAC and IP address to every device connected, you can use this feature to block devices from connecting to your Android hotspot.
    •  Blocked users (this shows a list of every device that has been blocked from connecting to your mobile hotspot, you can also unblock them)
Once that has been completed, you have successfully configured your Android Internet hotspot, now you can easily turn on/off your Android hotspot from the quick draw menu.

Here is a tutorial video from YouTbe

It is important to note that the instructions given here are based on Google Android stock settings, android device manufacturers might choose to change the UI and it would look different from what we posted here.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020



Twitter can decide to suspend your account if you knowingly or unknowingly go against its Terms of Service. This can affect both old and new Twitter account irrespective of the number of tweets you have made.
Thankfully a suspended Twitter account can be unsuspended and Trybeweb will be revealing that in this article.

Why did Twitter suspend your account

Twitter is always making sure its community is kept clean from tweets that violate its Terms of Service and so regular offenders are punished by getting their Twitter accounts suspended.
Your Twitter account might get suspended for the following reasons;
  • Spamming: This is the most common reason for a Twitter account suspension, spamming is highly prohibited on Twitter, so sharing malicious links, continually posting irrelevant kinds of stuff as comments under people's Tweets would surely lead your Twitter account to an imminent ban.
  • Account Security Compromised: Twitter security is high so if any suspicious activity like login from an unknown device is detected, the account might get suspended. This suspension is a security measure and not a form of punishment.
  • Abusive Tweets: Twitter is a friendly community so all its users are expected to respect each other. Portraying violent behaviours, abusing other users, making threats, or impersonating another account would get your Twitter account suspended.

Can a suspended Twitter Account be unsuspended?

You can unsuspend your Twitter account by simply logging in your account and verifying your mobile number or email address linked to your account.
How long does it take for Twitter to respond to an appeal? If your account was suspended, it would take seven days to unsuspend your Twitter account.
If your Twitter account is locked and limited by Twitter, you will be required to file an appeal form before your account is unsuspended

How to unsuspend a Twitter account 2020

The good news is that a suspended Twitter account can be unsuspended and we will walk you through on how to fill a Twitter suspended account appeal.
  • Click on the appeal form to be redirected to the twitter appeal section.
  • Fill the appeal form that is shown on your screen.
    • Description of problem: This is an important part, so make sure you extensively tell Twitter the problem you are facing, don't just write "my account was suspended" this might delay your appeal time. Spend time on the part and let Twitter know how important the account is to you and how you want it to be urgently unbanned.
    • Fill the name exactly as you used it on the account before it got suspended.
    • Giving them your phone number is important, although it is written optional you are advised to add your phone number so you can be contacted by Twitter if the need arises. 
    • Add your email address as well, make sure you have access to the mail because you will definitely be contacted via the mail you provided (The email must not be same as the one used in registering the suspended Twitter account).
    • click on submit and complete the CAPTCHA to prove you are human.
If done properly, your Twitter account will be suspended within 2 days time and you will be alerted through the email you provided during the appeal.

How to prevent a Twitter account from being suspended

Twitter has security bots that are automated to flag accounts that have not been completely registered, such accounts include;

  • Account without phone number and/or email address
  • Twitter accounts with unverified email addresses
  • Twitter accounts without detailed bio and profile pictures
  • Accounts with frequent suspicious logins
  • Accounts that have been reported several times for spam, violence, etc.
It is advisable to delete a Twitter account if it is a duplicate of another account, to avoid both accounts being suspended.

Best method to unsuspend a twitter account;

How To Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account [Trybeweb]

How To Delete Twitter Account

Permanently Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is more than a social media, it has grown so big that it is now a social representation of your physical person. Other people get to know you better through your Twitter account via what your tweet about, your retweet, your likes and comments.

Having multiple Twitter accounts has lots of disadvantages so it is advisable to keep one Twitter account and delete others if you have more than one.

Why you should delete multiple Twitter account

There are several disadvantages of having multiple Twitter accounts;

  • Reduced followers: Your followers might lose trust and interest in your accounts and decide to unfollow you or not interact with your Tweets.
  • Messy Account: You might find difficulties in handling both accounts and this would slowly kill your fame on Twitter.
  • No Twitter Verification: Just like the Instagram verification badge which is given to high profile accounts, it would be difficult to verify your Twitter account when you have multiple accounts.

How to delete Twitter account on a Computer / PC

Deleting a twitter account using a computer is very elementary, 
  • First, you open your browser and go to, log into the Twiter account you want to delete. If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password feature and recover the account (this is how to delete an old twitter account you cannot access).
  • Go to your profile and click on More.
  • Then click on Settings and Privacy. You will be taken to a new page where you will see information about the twitter account.
  • Before deactivating your Twitter account it is advisable to request for your Twitter data and it will be sent your email. Requesting for this would give you a backup of your Twitter account.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see Deactivate your account. Click on it and you will be asked to confirm if you want to deactivate your Twitter account.
  • Click Yes and you will be prompted to put in your Twitter password.
  • Your Twitter account has been successfully deactivated and will be permanently deleted in 30 days time if you don't come back to reactivate it.

Note: If you find trouble deactivating your Twitter account, it is probably because of your Twitter account has been suspended.

How to delete Twitter account on phone

Most people really get confused about how to delete twitter account on Android and Apple smartphones.

To permanently delete a Twitter account on your phone you need to be logged in the Twitter account on the Twitter App.
  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Click on Settings and Privacy.
  • You will be taken to a new page, click on Account.
  • You will see your twitter information like email, mobile number, and username, scroll to the bottom and click on Deactivate your account. You will be asked to confirm if you want to deactivate your Twitter account.
  • Click Yes and you will be prompted to put in your Twitter password.
  • Your Twitter account has been successfully deactivated and will be permanently deleted in 30 days time if you don't come back to reactivate it.
Deactivating a Twitter account on phone is almost similar to deactivating on Computer, but both platforms are quite simple.

This video should give you a practical guide to deleting your twitter account;

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Free Method To Increase YouTube Views in 2019

How do you increase your viewers and skyrocket the number of views you get in your YouTube videos? In this article, Trybeweb will be revealing:
  1. Methods of getting more YouTube views using GV topics.
  2. How to always appear in Youtube suggested videos/search results.
  3. Getting the right topics that would generate more user engagement.
increase YouTube viewers and subscribers

This method is been used by top YouTubers to generate over 150,000 views in just four weeks and others have gotten more than that, so this strategy has been proven to work flawlessly. 
Keep in mind that regardless of the number of subscribers you have (low or high amount), this article would surely help to improve your YouTube channel, nevertheless, it is easier to get more views when you have active subscribers to your channel.
So without further time-wasting, we will be listing the tactical steps all YouTubers adhered to before making it big and are still using to get guaranteed views on all their videos.

#1 Top Videos Snooping

This step is essential to all YouTubers especially the beginners as this would give you an idea of the type of videos that are attracting more views in your Niche. 
Go to YouTube and use the search feature, search for videos related to your category (example; a DIY YouTuber should search on DIY videos) and use the search Filter and select Channel, this would show you all channels related to your search query.
increase YouTube viewers and subscribers

Look for channels with a moderate amount of subscribers and check them out, check their popular videos and see the type of videos that are generating move views for them, this would give you an idea of videos that are being sorted after. Make similar videos with the same topics, and post them, this has proven to help small channels increase in both subscribers and viewers.

#2 GV Topics

GV is an acronym for Guaranteed Views, and this method is similar to the first method we talked about but is more advanced and complicated. Search for similar channels to yours on YouTube and then check their most popular videos. Now head to the comment section and see what people are inquiring about, this would give you an idea of videos that the audience wants to watch next and you should make videos on such inquiries. For example, a tech channel posts a video about Microsoft Windows 10 Update, and people ask questions like How do I fix license error on my Windows 10?, how to increase the speed of PC after windows update e.t.c. These topics should be researched on, and a video should be made that would help answer their questions. You can have just 1000 subscribers but with this method, you can get over 8000 views on such videos.

Another method to get guaranteed views is to make an updated version of a popular video, for example, a food channel makes a video on "best grills for meats", but this video was posted about 2 years ago, make a video on a similar topic but with an updated list of grills and your title should either be "best grills for meats 2019" or "updated: 2019 best grills for meats". Viewers would rather watch the 2019 version of your video than watching the 2017 version posted by another channel.


Videos that tops the YouTube search results have a higher chance of getting viewed than those below it, so making your video top the search result is very important. Ranking high in YouTube search is highly dependent on your SEO skills and Keywords. Youtube is owned by Google which is the most used search engine in the world, and google always features YouTube videos in its search result. Ensure your videos has the right keywords and #tags that are related to your niche. Using irrelevant keywords would seriously affect your SERP, so work on those keywords and #tags to rank higher in both Google search and Youtube search. 
increase YouTube viewers and subscribers

Tools like Keyword everywhere is a great tool that can help you plan your keywords and rank higher for free.

Aside from these mentioned steps, the best and easiest method to get more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel is being professional and posting quality contents. Your videos should be very useful and this would guarantee more subscribers from viewers who were satisfied with the video. So spend time in making your video because a good Video is better than 10 bad videos. Here are some useful tips for making a good YouTube video:
Be audible if your video requires talking.
Don't be in a haste, work at an average speed so that your viewers can follow up without getting confused.
HD quality videos should be uploaded, videos with poor quality is an eyesore and people tend to ignore them.
Always respond to comments and encourage your viewers to drop comments if they have additional inquires related to the video.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Full Guide To Creating WhatsApp Customized Sticker

Since its Introduction in 2018, WhatsApp stickers have been a major success on both the Android & iOS platform of WhatsApp Instant Messaging Application. 
creating customized whatsapp stickers
Sadly, WhatsApp Inc. gives a limited amount of “boring” stickers, but users are allowed to create their own unique stickers to spice up conversations and also look cool amongst their peers.

Trybeweb will be teaching you how to create your Unique WhatsApp stickers and amaze your friends

WhatsApp stickers shouldn't be a surprising feature in 2019 because it became popular and users immediately accepted its introduction, with some users preferring it to our beloved Emojis (😲😲), also this is a long-awaited feature as Instant Messaging competitors like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and a host of other messaging platforms have been using stickers for years now.

When it was introduced in 2018, you only get 12 stickers by default and it was recently increased to 25 stickers all about “a cup of Coffee” and no one knows why Whatsapp picked that as its default sticker character but personally I find it uninteresting.

You are reading this article because you have seen your friends send stickers that you can’t find in your default sticker menu, most of these stickers are funny, inspirational, and some go as far as converting their personal pictures to stickers and you want to learn how it works. Well, you are at the right place and fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or have a vast Technological Know-How to start creating customized WhatsApp stickers.

How To Get More Whatsapp Stickers

There are lots of third-party Apps that offer free WhatsApp stickers pack, you just have to go to your Device’s App Store and Download the App, import the stickers to WhatsApp, and you are good to go (Easy peasy).

Here is a list of Android Apps for Free WhatsApp Stickers

  • Stickland
  • Stickify
  • Wemoji
  • Meme Stickers For Whatsapp

Easy Method To Creating Customized WhatsApp Stickers

If You want to create your own unique sticker, You will have to also download third-party Apps, perform some extra tasks to create the stickers and finally sending them to your WhatsApp buddies.

Here is Trybeweb’s detailed walkthrough to creating awesome stickers that would go viral in 2019. 

(Note: In this article, we will be focusing the on Android platform)
creating customized whatsapp stickers
  • First, go to Google play store and search for “Sticker Maker For WhatsApp” (there are several Apps out there but We picked this because it is easy, reliable and user-friendly). 
  • Download the App, install and launch it on your Smartphone (Click here to download)
  • Tap on “Create A New Sticker Pack
creating customized whatsapp stickers
  • Choose a name for your Sticker Pack and also the Author’s name (this is for descriptive purpose, so you can use anything fun and unique), your stickers won't be accessible to other WhatsApp users until you share it.
  • Tap on “New List” option and a page with empty Stickers tray will open.
  • You will be required to choose an Icon for your Stickers pack and then tap on the Next Tray to add new customized Stickers.
  • To add a New Sticker, tap on an empty tray and a pop up will ask if you want to “Take A New Picture” or “Import a pre-existing photo from your gallery.”
  • The selected picture will be uploaded to an Image Editor inside the App.
  • Use your fingertip to carefully crop the picture and remove parts you don't want to be added to the New Sticker (Repeat these steps on all pictures you want to convert to Stickers).
  • Once You are done with adding the Stickers to the pack, tap on “Publish Sticker Pack” option.
  • You will be asked to add these customized Stickers to Your WhatsApp, accept and it will be added automatically.

creating customized whatsapp stickers
Note: Creating Custom Whatsapp Stickers is only available to Android Users at the time of publishing this article (6th July 2019) and You are required to add a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of 30 Stickers in a pack.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Best Instagram Tricks 2019

Instagram has become one of the Top social media outlets on Earth and every update to the app comes with new features and upgrades. Today in Trybeweb, we will talk about Instagram hacks and getting easily verified. 

Make sure you read to the bottom because, in this article, Trybeweb will give tricks like Getting Instagram Blue Badge, Increasing Your IG followers and much more. With no further time wasting, let us get down to business.

#1. Getting Instagram Verification (Blue Badge)

I will go through how you can request to be verified, and I have applied several times, so in this area, I am a Guru (Hahaha). You must follow these four criteria to be verified by Instagram:

*You must be genuine, so your account must reflect a true individual or your registered company. Therefore you must become exceptional in things you do and make people believe that you are dependable if you have a store or provide certain services.

You can have just one account per individual or company, so avoid creating multiple accounts with you like five distinct accounts, so make sure your primary account is worked on. I have a main Instagram account, yet I've got a fake side account, so I post funny stuff, like memes or funny random videos, but I can't verify both.

You must have a profile and an organic profile, at least one picture and not the same picture as your display photograph in your profile. your profile must be complete. Add also external social links to any other social media platform that helps individuals communicate with you, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat.

You must be noteworthy so that your account is a well-known, highly-searched individual. This is essentially just stating that in Instagram, you have to be a bit popular (I am not really popular)

So you need to go into your setup to request verification and then click on verification requests.

It will request your username, your full name (what name is known to you), and the sort of account you have (Business or Personal). You must then add a picture of your driver's license or Government Issued photo identification and then submit it. I advise you to use a phone with great Camera quality or use a computer scanner.

After doing this, You just have to wait for some days and you will get a reply from Instagram about your verification request status.

#2. Backup Your Instagram Media Files

Download all the pictures you've ever posted from Instagram, You just never really understand what could occur next with all the fresh updates and rollouts and some of these social media platforms being discontinued and all these strange things happening digitally.

So I'm going to explain it to you how if you want to save copies of your Instagram pictures and videos.

Firstly, Go to Settings, Then Click on the 3 dots (...) at the top of your profile and navigate down to Privacy & Security Settings.

Scroll down and directly under Two-Factor Authentication, you will find an option called Download Data, click on it and this would automatically download all your Instagram files, Comments and settings and a mail will be sent to you in the space of 48-hours with a link for you to download the complete data to your preferred device.

#3. Increasing Your Followers

Next hack is a program you can use for a lot of Instagram fans, lovers and likes. It is called Explode Social and basically, to obtain more fans and engagement, this service runs and targets accounts of followers that are either comparable to yours or some of the accounts that you select and that like their pictures and their profiles and also involves your own fans profiles.

So essentially I want to connect to everybody on my IG list, but I can't do this every day, so it helps you do this and keep tabs with individuals on your list. Because it is an automated system, it will like people’s photos and follow selected people on your behalf, and by doing this you will definitely get likes and followers in return.

Your followers are not Bots or fake accounts but real humans like you and me, it is a community of Instagram users who wants to get more engagement and increase their social media fame.

#4. Using Hash Tags (#)

Next hack all right, we all understand that hashtags make posts more accessible to the public and create even more discoverable stories and if they like what you shared, individuals who see your stories will probably follow your profile.

Making use of the trendy Hashtags would help your profile/post reach more people on any social media including Instagram, so you need to keep up with the trends and make sure you use as many relevant #tags as possible, ensure they don't cover the contents you share so people who view them would actually not be obstructed.

Friday, May 3, 2019


Have you ever tried to post a URL on your Facebook wall then you get an error, send a link from a particular website to your friends via messenger than you get an error saying “message not delivered”? Sorry to break this to you but that Website [URL] has been blacklisted by Facebook and is now tagged a scam.

Facebook Banned Logo

Blocked URL is one of the worst nightmares of any blogger, especially those bloggers who get most of their traffic from their Facebook friends as they are now restricted from sharing URL of articles from their website to any Social media platform owned by Facebook Inc [Facebook, Messenger & Instagram]. Surprisingly WhatsApp that is also owned by Facebook, still allows all links even those blacklisted by Facebook.

Normally, when your website gets blacklisted, you are given the option to contact Facebook and let them know that your website does not violate their community policy [click here to contact them].

If you are lucky, you will get a positive response and your URL will be removed from the list of blacklisted websites.

Note: if your URL gets blocked again, that is the end and it will NOT be unblocked by Facebook so be careful.


Sometimes most bloggers (especially the newbies) get their URL blacklisted easily because there are oblivious to the rules and community standards set by Facebook Inc.
Your website can get blocked due to numerous reasons and Trybeweb will be giving a comprehensive explanation of all possible reasons:

Error message from facebook

Spamming: New bloggers are always guilty of this and eventually turn victims of a blacklisted website. Opening a new website is pretty amazing and we all love to share articles with our friends and the Facebook community, but sharing a single URL to multiple groups would trigger the red line and your URL will be marked as a spam site by Facebook.

According to Facebook policy, there is a limit to links we share from a particular website daily and new websites are easily blocked because they are yet to become popular amongst most Facebook users, so sharing a particular URL from an unpopular website multiple times by the same user would get the site blacklisted in a matter of minutes.

  • I advise you share 1 link a day to at most 3 groups until your website becomes popular.
  • Create a Facebook page for your website and invite your readers and friends to like the page, post your URLs there and your website will be safe.

Reported URL: Oh no, I don’t spam but my website was still blacklisted!!! This can happen to anyone and the main reason is that your URL was reported Multiple times to Facebook by other users (probably by another blogger who feels you are a threat to his traffic and tries to take out the competition by getting your website blocked).
This is a cheap move but sadly, it is being practiced by some bloggers out of hate for another blogger.

Note: Your Link can also get reported by real users if your articles are fake or click bait.

There is no technical way of Preventing your URL from getting reported but if you know who has been reporting it, you can contact them and find out why, and also make sure your URL is always real and not a click bait.

Banned Content: Your website can get blacklisted easily if your articles go against Facebook policies.

Facebook is the most popular social media and is available to everyone in every country except (China, Bangladesh, Iran, and North Korea), so users can easily get influenced by what they read and Facebook is trying all possible means to make sure only positivity is shared around its community users.

URLs that promotes Fake news, hate speech, Violence, crime, Scamming, Human trafficking, Hacking and other illegal stuff, drugs, and slander are prohibited in the Facebook community and when such URL is found, it is immediately blocked without an option of recovery.

  • Try to remove all of the listed errors from your website and then write to Facebook moderators [click here to contact Facebook], asking them to have a review of your website, if they find it clean, your website will be removed from the blacklist.


Once your website gets blacklisted by Facebook, you can send a request to them asking them for a review, if you are lucky, you will get unblocked but once your Website is permanently blacklisted, Facebook won’t allow you to post URL from that site again.

Trybeweb will be showing you methods on how to still send URL from your blacklisted site to Facebook, some of these methods might seem unconventional but they all work flawlessly 100%.

Change Domain Name: This might be hard for most bloggers because your domain name is your identity and changing it would take your website back to level 1. Although this would help you to post on Facebook, this method is not advisable especially for old websites but new websites with low popularity can use this method.

Twitter: Yes, you heard me right. Create a twitter account and post your links there, then copy the twitter link (use a web browser to open twitter) and post it on Facebook, and also write a short description while posting the link on Facebook so your readers will know what you’re a posting about.

Twitter Logo

Let's say your post is about a new phone released by Samsung and the link you copied from twitter reads make sure you add and a picture relating to the article and also a  description that will get the readers attention like “check out the latest Samsung Phone, specs and price” now with this description and a picture, the readers would know where they will be redirected to when they click on the shared link.

URL Shorter: there are numerous websites that shorten any URL given to them and creating another URL that would still lead to the same destination as the original URL. This method is also another great way of sharing your blacklisted website to Facebook.

Earn money by shortening links

I will suggest using this website to shorten your website URL before posting on Facebook. Now Facebook won’t stop you from posting the shortened link and they won’t know it's your website. You will also get paid by this site if you use them to shorten your link. So, this is like killing two birds with 1 stone because anyone that clicks on the shortened link, you will get paid for it and also your website’s URL would also be shared to your Facebook audience.

Note: make sure you add a picture and link description so your audience will know where they are going to.

All these methods have been tested by Trybeweb and they work without any flaw.

If you have further questions, leave a comment and we will get back to you immediately or contact us using the CONTACT US page. Click here to join our Telegram Group for more help.