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Friday, July 5, 2019

Glo Unlimited Browsing 2019

Don't sleep on this one, Glo Free Unlimited Browsing 2019 !!!!

Free browsing is hard to find these days as all networks are now smarter in blocking all loopholes and stopping all existing cheats like the previous MTN Loophole that gave 128Gigabyte of data for free.

Glo Free Browsing 2019
All Glo Plans
All Glo  Sim Cards
Cost Price
Subscription Code
Assigned Data

Glo is no newbie to free browsing as at last year, we have enjoyed their data without paying via the Glo 0.00k proxy server but sadly it was blocked and ever since then we have been searching for other loopholes. Thankfully it has been discovered and Trybeweb has tested it to be working flawlessly.

Note: Glo Data Network doesn't come on some sim without Data Bundle, so make sure you have like 2Naira in your balance to activate GloFlexi so your Network comes up.

Unlimited free browsing cheat on Glo has been the oldest cheat out there but it is disregarded by many due to their poor data network coverage but those in areas with good coverage are benefitting from it and downloading at an amazing speed.
For those with poor network coverage, this would serve as an alternative until a working cheat on other networks like MTN or Airtel is discovered.

Glo Free Unlimited Browsing  2019 Using AnonyTun VPN


An Android Device
Glo Sim Card Without Data
Good Network Coverage
Anonytun VPN 

Go to your Smartphone's Internet APN Settings and use the following:

APN Type
Default, Supl
Leave other options in the default state

Glo AnonyTun Free Browsing Settings

>>Click here to download AnonyTun VPN, Launch the App.
>>Click Stealth Settings
>>Switch On Stealth Tunnel On/Off
>>Select HTTP as Connection Protocol
>>Connection Port should be 80 or 8080

>>Tap Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
>>Request method: POST
>>Injection method: Normal

Scroll to Extra Headers, Select the following:
✔ Keep-Alive
✔ User-Agent
✔ Online-Host

>> To save your settings, click on Generate, then click on Save
>> Select any region and tap Connect, normally it takes within 30seconds to connect successfully.

This article was posted on Trybeweb for educational purposes only. Trybeweb is committed to Technological enlightenment and we won't be held responsible for any actions taken by you regarding an article published on our website. Furthermore, Our articles on tweaking and free internet browsing are published to alert Network Providers of the Loopholes on their servers.

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