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Thursday, February 27, 2020

9Mobile Data Plan For 2020, 7GB For N1500, 2GB for N500

9mobile has launched new data plans and reconstructed its existing ones to allow its customers to have more value for the money spent on Data, and Trybeweb is here to reveal them to our lovely readers.


9mobile stated that with this new development, customers will have more 9mobile data, enjoy uncontested browsing and streaming experience because they just made quality data more affordable.

As an early gift to Nigerians, new and existing 9mobile customers are getting an enormous data increase for the same price and also introduced the best new data plans to make sure everyone can afford quality data services from 9mobile.


9mobile's Acting Director of Marketing, Layi Onofowokan, revealed that all customers can enjoy a variety of new 9mobile data plans such as 1GB + free social media access (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) and this is valid for 1 day at just N300. There is also a 2GB + free social media access (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) which is valid for 3 days at just N500.

Onofowokan also stated that consumer who wants the 9mobile data weekly plan can opt-in for 7GB + free social media access (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) for 7 days at N1,500 or for High 9mobile data users the 15GB 30 days plan at just N5000 would be a great option.

Onafowokan said:

“We are a caring network that believes in showing love to our customers especially in this season of giving. We want them to be able to browse and stream online without the fear of quickly exhausting their data and having to spend more. We believe doing this will boost the internet experience of our customers across the country. The beauty of this revamp is that it’s not limited to a few packages; it involves all our data plans,”. 
To get started with this cheap 9mobile data, customers are to dial *200*3*1# and select the plan that suits the data and internet requirements.

This article was posted on Trybeweb for educational purpose only. Trybeweb is committed to Technological enlightenment and we won't be held responsible for any actions taken by you regarding an article published on our website. Furthermore, Our articles on tweaking and free internet browsing are published to alert Network Providers of the Loopholes on their servers.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

9Mobile Free Browsing With HTTP Injector

HTTP injector has served us well when it comes to free browsing tweaks, and since we last rocked the MTN 0.00k browsing and Mpulse, we stopped getting new free browsing via HTTP Injector. Trybeweb is glad to let our loyalist know that HTTP Injector is back and this time it works with 9Mobile.

9Mobile HTTP Injector

For weeks now, this new cheat has been blazing but with many errors being encountered but finally we have found the perfect & stable settings, so Trybeweb will be sharing it with you for free.

For the lovers for freebies, this might burst your bubbles because this is not entirely free but comparing the price to the cost of buying normal data, this is actually a tweak that we would all appreciate due to the harsh price of data.

For this tweak to work, you will need to subscribe to 9Mobile’s 2.2GB Data for just a little amount of money.


  • Android Smartphone
  • 9Mobile Sim Card
  • Default 9Mobile APN Settings.
  • Http Injector
  • 9Mobile Ehi Config File.
Firstly, you would have to subscribe to 9Mobile Social Media plan by dialing *200*3*3*2*3# and you would be charged N350 and valid for a whole month (30 Days).

Download the latest HTTP Injector VPN on Google PlayStore or Click here.

Download 9Mobile SocialPak Configuration file here Valid till 26th August 2019 (Thanks for Entclass for the file).

Make sure you note the folder that the configuration file was downloaded to because you will need it for future reference.

After installing the HTTP Injector App, Launch it,

Click on the Clipboard icon (paper icon) at the top right corner in the Injector App.

Click Import Config and your file manager will pop up, find the 9Mobile Config File you downloaded earlier, select and import it. (The file is normally located in the default Download folder).

After successfully importing the file, go back to the main page of HTTP Injector App, Click on the start button and it would take an estimated 15 seconds for the Application to connect successfully.

Minimize the App and enjoy full internet service to all Applications and browser (You can also use it to download any file).

Make sure DNS (Google DNS) and Start SSH are both marked [✔] as shown in the image below.

9Mobile Http Injector

Note The Following:

  • The subscription is valid for a month (30Days).
  • The Free browsing is not unlimited but capped at 2.2GB at N350.
  • You can subscribe as many times as you like in a month. So you can get 6.6GB worth of Data for just N1050.
  • Download speed is not blazing but it is stable.
This article was posted on Trybeweb for educational purpose only. Trybeweb is commited to Techonological enlightenment and we wont be held responsible for any actions taken by you regarding an article published on our website. Furthermore, Our articles on tweaking and free internet browsing are published to alert Network Providers of the Loopholes on their servers.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

How To Get Free 7Gb Data On 9Mobile

It seems Nigerian network providers are becoming more lenient with data. Recently, most networks are either reducing the price of data or increasing the value of data for a certain price, like the new MTN double-data offer which gives users a wide range of crazy deals.

9Mobile 1gb data plan

Today in Trybeweb, we will be teaching you how to get 8Gb for N1000 on 9Mobile network, works on all devices and it doesn't require VPN connection.

9Mobile 8Gb For N1000

As most of our articles, this is not a cheat but an official offer being given by 9Mobile themselves. So carefully follow the instructions below. 

4G Etisalat / 9Mobile Sim card.
More blaze mobile plan
4G Smartphone.

How to activate 8Gb for N1000 on 9Mobile

Getting the 8Gb data is not a complicated process, you just have to purchase 1Gb Data worth N1000 by dialing *200*3*1# and you will be gifted with an extra 7Gb as a bonus. 

9Mobile 1gb data plan

You will only get that bonus if your device & Sim card is on 4G network, and you are on 9Mobile More-Blaze plan so if you are not, dial *200*3# to migrate for free.

How Long Does The Bonus Last

Although the data can be used on all devices after activation, the 7Gb bonus can only be used from 12AM to 7Am every day, while the 1Gb main Data can be used at all times of the day. All data last for a maximum of 30Days.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

2GB for N500, MTN Launches Amazing Cheap Data Package

MTN recently launched the 4g+ network that is believed to be faster and more reliable than the 4g LTE when it comes to data speed and in collaboration to this great achievement the Telecoms giants have announced a major reduction in Data price across all packages.

Data Slash
All Sim Cards
Cost Price
Not Fixed
Subscription Code
1 - 30 Days

Customers of MTN can now get more value for money spent on data with an increase of up to 30% data volume for all 30-days plan, 100% rise in volume for weekly plans and 25% added volume for daily plans.

Also, their new customers are to get special data offer as they are to enjoy an introductory data of N50 for 50Mb and N500 for 2Gb. New customers buying data would also get a 100% bonus for the next 4 months (buying 1Gb would get you an additional 1Gb free).

This is great news because faster internet means more data usage, so this will enable users to spend more time on the internet without worrying about data.

The 4g+ has been rolled out and is available to all customers on 4g enabled devices, so if you have a 4g MTN sim and device you will enjoy faster download, uninterrupted streaming of movies, videos, and songs from your favorite digital stores, faster connection when playing online games, and better quality during video calls.

SMS 114 to 131
SMS 155 to 131
SMS 154 to 131
SMS 130 to 131
SMS 117 to 131

To get the full list of this new data price, customers should dial *131# or download the MyMTNApp on their smartphones.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

How To Increase Internet Speed On Airtel 2G Plan

In our previous article, I talked about the Airtel 1gb for 200 Naira Plan which has been available for many years now but available on 2g Networks only.

Airtel Logo

As stated in the previous article, this plan is for 2G networks only, so the majority of smartphone users on 3G / 4g will not be able to use it without switching to 2G.

Today, I will be giving You tips on how to increase the speed while using the Airtel plan on 2G network. So without wasting your time, let's get blazing.
To increase the speed of your Airtel 2G plan, you don't need any major tweaking or rooting of your device. I will be giving three technical methods and they both work perfectly for me.

Method 1


Virtual Private Network (VPN) are services that give internet annonymousity to the user, letting them access URLs and websites that are prohibited in their current location. VPNs can also be used to increase internet speed (tested and verified).

There are lots of VPN Apps out there, some are paid while some are free, and for this tweak to work, You can use any VPN.
Personally, I will recommend ThunderVPN and SamsungMax VPN because they are totally free.
After downloading the VPN, launch the application and hit connect. that's all you need to do and notice the change in speed. 
Note: if your speed does not increase, change your server to another location and connect again. 

Method 2

USSD Network Change

Android Devices come with inbuilt services for developers and these services can be easily accessed by dialing short USSD codes.

I will show you how to change your Device's network from 3G or 4G to permanently 2G (Note you can easily reverse this if you don't need it anymore).

Open your phone dial pad and dial *#*#4636#*#* you will be automatically redirected to a new window.

You will see three options

Phone Information
Usage Statistics
Wi-Fi Information

Select Phone Information
In the next window, you will see lots of writes up, navigate to Set Preferred Network Type.
It should be on WCDMA Preferred depending on your phone, click on it and change to GSM only. This would redirect all the network strength of your device to the 2G mode and it will increase the speed of your device's 2G network. 

Phone information Window

To go back to your normal mode, just follow the same method and select WCDMA Preferred.

Method 3

APN & Network Settings

This method is quite similar to the one I posted earlier.
Go to Settings and select Network & Internet
Select Mobile network
Change the preferred network type to 2G only.

Click Access Point Names (APN)
create new APN if you did had followed the instructions posted here.

Airtel Ng
APN protocol
Save the settings and your 2G network speed should increase.

Make sure you attentively follow these steps and enjoy your 1 Gigabyte data at a cheap price.

Note: Using a device that supports 2G network only, would increase the speed of your 2g network than using 2G in 3G / 4G devices.

Did this work for you? let us know in the comment section......

Airtel 200 Naira For 1Gb

This is not a cheat but an official subscription that has been available to all Airtel subscribers for more than 2years now. This is a very old plan, but we are posting about it to create awareness to those that might have forgotten about it and to those who are oblivious to its existence.
Airtel 2G Weekly Plan
Airtel is offering 1gigabyte of data to all its customers to browse, download and surf the internet for as low as  200 Naira and this plan is Valid for 10days.

Airtel 2G Weekly Plan
2G Weekly Pack
All Airtel Sim Cards
Cost Price
N 200
Subscription Code
Assigned Data
1 Gigabyte
10 Days
Network type

This is an incredible offer but as usual, all good offers have a negative side to them called terms and conditions. For this plan, the only downside is that it can only be used on a 2G network, so phones, modems and internet dongles using 3G or 4G / LTE would not be able to use this data.

Read Also: Increase Internet Speed On All Networks


To buy the data, have a minimum of 200 Naira worth of airtime on your Airtel Sim.

Dial *482*1# and you will be given 1gigabyte for 10days.

As stated clearly above, this plan is built for 2g networks but I will be showing You how to use this to browse and download on your smartphones.

  • Firstly Open settings and then go to Network / Internet
  • Click Mobile Network
  • Go to Airtel Access Point (APN) and create new APN using the following settings:
Airtel Ng
  • Leave the remaining setting, save APN and exit.
  • Use the new APN as your default connection.
  • Go back to Mobile Network Settings.
  • Click Mobile Network type.
  • You will get different options depending on your device type.
  • Choose 2G and then exit.
Start browsing with the 2G network and you will see notifications coming in on your phone.

Note: This Might be slow depending on your network's 2G coverage but in our next article, I will be sharing a trick on how to speed it up.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Glo Unlimited Browsing 2019

Don't sleep on this one, Glo Free Unlimited Browsing 2019 !!!!

Free browsing is hard to find these days as all networks are now smarter in blocking all loopholes and stopping all existing cheats like the previous MTN Loophole that gave 128Gigabyte of data for free.

Glo Free Browsing 2019
All Glo Plans
All Glo  Sim Cards
Cost Price
Subscription Code
Assigned Data

Glo is no newbie to free browsing as at last year, we have enjoyed their data without paying via the Glo 0.00k proxy server but sadly it was blocked and ever since then we have been searching for other loopholes. Thankfully it has been discovered and Trybeweb has tested it to be working flawlessly.

Note: Glo Data Network doesn't come on some sim without Data Bundle, so make sure you have like 2Naira in your balance to activate GloFlexi so your Network comes up.

Unlimited free browsing cheat on Glo has been the oldest cheat out there but it is disregarded by many due to their poor data network coverage but those in areas with good coverage are benefitting from it and downloading at an amazing speed.
For those with poor network coverage, this would serve as an alternative until a working cheat on other networks like MTN or Airtel is discovered.

Glo Free Unlimited Browsing  2019 Using AnonyTun VPN


An Android Device
Glo Sim Card Without Data
Good Network Coverage
Anonytun VPN 

Go to your Smartphone's Internet APN Settings and use the following:

APN Type
Default, Supl
Leave other options in the default state

Glo AnonyTun Free Browsing Settings

>>Click here to download AnonyTun VPN, Launch the App.
>>Click Stealth Settings
>>Switch On Stealth Tunnel On/Off
>>Select HTTP as Connection Protocol
>>Connection Port should be 80 or 8080

>>Tap Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
>>Request method: POST
>>Injection method: Normal

Scroll to Extra Headers, Select the following:
✔ Keep-Alive
✔ User-Agent
✔ Online-Host

>> To save your settings, click on Generate, then click on Save
>> Select any region and tap Connect, normally it takes within 30seconds to connect successfully.

This article was posted on Trybeweb for educational purposes only. Trybeweb is committed to Technological enlightenment and we won't be held responsible for any actions taken by you regarding an article published on our website. Furthermore, Our articles on tweaking and free internet browsing are published to alert Network Providers of the Loopholes on their servers.

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