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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

MTN Partners With Huawei To Bring 5G Internet To Nigeria

Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited has guaranteed that it will be giving innovative and advanced support to MTN Nigeria after a trial MTN 5G network technology was recently rolled out in Nigeria.

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Mr Zhang Lulu, Huawei Technologies Company Managing Director, while giving a statement in Abuja stated that the technology company would be constantly aiding MTN through its requirements and challenges, helping them with innovative products and solutions that would enable MTN users to enjoy the best experience.

Huawei who is currently leading the global roll-out of 5G technology and they have a partnership with MTN that would enable MTN to serve futuristic technology to its subscribers. One of the most notable advantages of MTN 5G is that it is almost 100 to 250 times faster than 4G, it can give over 20gigabits per second and would allow users to download and upload HD contents of large size in just a matter of seconds (normally this would take up to 10 minutes on 4G).

Sunday, July 14, 2019

2GB for N500, MTN Launches Amazing Cheap Data Package

MTN recently launched the 4g+ network that is believed to be faster and more reliable than the 4g LTE when it comes to data speed and in collaboration to this great achievement the Telecoms giants have announced a major reduction in Data price across all packages.

Data Slash
All Sim Cards
Cost Price
Not Fixed
Subscription Code
1 - 30 Days

Customers of MTN can now get more value for money spent on data with an increase of up to 30% data volume for all 30-days plan, 100% rise in volume for weekly plans and 25% added volume for daily plans.

Also, their new customers are to get special data offer as they are to enjoy an introductory data of N50 for 50Mb and N500 for 2Gb. New customers buying data would also get a 100% bonus for the next 4 months (buying 1Gb would get you an additional 1Gb free).

This is great news because faster internet means more data usage, so this will enable users to spend more time on the internet without worrying about data.

The 4g+ has been rolled out and is available to all customers on 4g enabled devices, so if you have a 4g MTN sim and device you will enjoy faster download, uninterrupted streaming of movies, videos, and songs from your favorite digital stores, faster connection when playing online games, and better quality during video calls.

SMS 114 to 131
SMS 155 to 131
SMS 154 to 131
SMS 130 to 131
SMS 117 to 131

To get the full list of this new data price, customers should dial *131# or download the MyMTNApp on their smartphones.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

How Get Free Unlimited Data On All Networks

We have landed at a time when free data is now a relic of the past as telecommunications and Internet service providers are now strictly engaged in blocking all loopholes for free data and unlimited browsing.

For every Nigerian, a Nigerian company called Gidi Mobile has come up with a solution to gain as much free data as possible by simply registering.

NOTE: At the end of this article, I will be sharing how to earn more than 400mb daily with Gidi Mobile.


Gidi Mobile is a platform for educational and social media that allows users to learn, interact with acquaintances, exchange ideas, make new friends, and collect data. Designed for Nigerians, this platform can be accessed by anyone in Nigeria or has access to a Nigerian Sim.

Gidimo App UI


Mastery: This is the platform's education section, where users are signed up to special short learning programs and courses which educate their subscribers about different articles and topics from different Senior Schools Programs (SSPs).

Gidimo SPP Platform

Tournament is also held regularly for all subscribers and winners are presented with great awards, with the first prize being a new Brand-new Samsung HD LED smart TV, the second prize being a Play-Station4 Console and the lowest price being a 10 thousand-naira Jumia shopping voucher that 50 participants would win.

Gidimo Gift Prices

Community: This part of the app is the social platform where registered users share articles, stories, topics and questions from the Masters / Education section of the app.

Administrators can report and flag posts that do not meet the community application standards by other users and, should they are found guilty, will delete posts like that. 
Any post can be flagged as spam, nuisance/hate, copyright, violent content, and unwanted content.
The articles posted would be sorted by Community, All Post or My post and comments and articles are written and shared by the community platform may also be given.

Friends: This is the instant message part of the application that allows the user to contact and chat with Platform admins, to chat with registered friends, add new friends and invite them to join the platform free of charge.

Friends can send text, Pictures, add other friends, send voice notes, share their current position, view the profile of each other, remove friends from the list and remove old chat pictures.

Notifications: This feature allows a user to view all notifications he/she receives while on or off the app.
Received notifications can be based on friend requests received, flagged articles, likes and comments on the subjects posted and announcements of winners at competitions hosted.

Wallet: This is a part of the app that saves all your money (the app is called Gidi). Gidi can be used for class subscriptions, tournament registrations and can be sent to members in your friend's list.

Gidi can be earned or bought via Credit card, Google play, PayPal, Quickteller, Bank transfer or Promo code.

Gidi can also be used to collect free data on your Sim card, 5.0 Gidi gives you 300 megabytes and a gigabyte of data worth 20.0 Gidi. Follow this link to sign up and begin to collect free data on Gidi Mobile Register Now

How to Earn Instant Free Data
  • First you need to sign up by Clicking here.
  • Register with your valid mobile number (an SMS verification code would be sent to the number or you can select WhatsApp verification).
  • Once verified, you would be given 50 Megabyte instantly and if you download the application you would be given 100Megabyte for free making a total of 150mb in less than a minute. (To check data on MTN dial *460*260#).
  • To continue earning data on the app without participating in activities, you have to invite your friend to register and join the platform, you would be given 400 Megabyte for every friend that registers with your link and there is no limit to friends you can invite.

Extra Tip: By registering all your sim cards and obtaining a 400 megabyte Sim, you can invite yourself several times.

Lets say you invite 5 friends daily; that would give you 2000 Megabyte of data everyday for free.