Thursday, September 5, 2019

Custom Search Engine Monetization On AdSense

Google AdSense is the number 1 source of income for most bloggers (website owners) and getting approval is usually a joyful experience, Adside normal Ads displaying on the Publisher's website, there are several methods of earning with With a Google AdSense account but in today's article we will be talking about earning via Custom Search Engine Monetization.

What Is Custom Search Engine

Custom Search Engine best known as CSE is a google feature where website owners can embed a personalized Google Search Engine into their blogs, and when used by the blog's audience it would show search results with personalized Google Ads attached to it.

There are two types of Custom Search Engines:
  • Non-Monetized CSE
  • Monetized CSE
Non-Monetized CSE can be either placed on blogs that have been approved by AdSense or Not Approved but either way, the owner of the blog won't earn a dime from this CSE.

Monetized CSE can be placed on only approved blogs, they would display search results and Ads from google when any of those Ads are clicked the earning would reflect in the Publisher's AdSense dashboard.

How To Set Up Monetized CSE In 2019

  • Firstly you would have to login your Adsense Account and then click on ADS (found at the left sidebar).
  • A menu would drop down and you would find a list of options (Auto ads, Ad units, Ad balance, Custom channel, URL channels, and Other Products).
  • Click on Other Products and you will find 3 more options (Games, Search, and Video) click on Get Started With Adsense For Search).
Set Up Custom Search Engine 2019

  • Wait for some minutes then refresh your browser and you would notice a new menu called Ads for search has been added to the sidebar. Click on it and you see New Custom Search Engine click on it.

  • A form will come up with some spaces, fill the form like as shown in the picture below:

  • Then click Save and Get Code
  • Got to your blog and create a widget, place the code there
Congratulations!!!! You have successfully added CSE to your blog, one code can be placed in multiple parts of a blog.

Note: You have to wait for some minutes before the CSE is Monetized and earnings starts displaying on your AdSense Dashboard

Sunday, August 25, 2019

How To boost Adsense CPC using blocking control feature

Getting $0.09 per Ad click is very frustrating as this would take a very long time before reaching the AdSense payment threshold of $100, and at such rate, you would need a total of One Thousand One hundred and One clicks (1,111) to get to $100. Crazy right, well in today's article, Trybeweb will be discussing on how to boost your Adsense CPC by blocking low CPC advertisers using blocking control in Adsense Dashboard.
Adsense Blocking Control Feature Trybeweb

Why do you get low CPC?

Cost Per Click (CPC), is the amount that would be paid to you (publisher) from google after an Ad has been clicked from your website or application. The price of each click varies because of the difference in the Advertising Companies, some Companies tends to pay higher for each click like $3, $5, $9, $16 while some would pay very low ($0.25, $0.16) to the publisher.

Based on their terms, Google AdSense gives 60% of the Ad revenue paid by the Advertiser to You the Publisher, so every amount you get from a click has 40% of it taken by Google.

How To Boost CPC

In this article, I will be discussing 2 methods of boosting CPC, and they are all tested and proven to work flawlessly.

Method #1 Changing Niche

Your niche is a major determinant of your CPC, as advertisers would love to display their contents on Niches related to the Target business.
For example, if you run a website based on Travel & Tourism, You would display more Ads from Travel Agency, Flight Companies, Hotels and others related to leisure and fun).
According to research done by Trybeweb, we found a list of niches that pay high in 2019.
  • LOANS CPC $44
  • LAWYER CPC $42
  • DONATE CPC $42
  • CREDIT CPC $ 38
Switching to that Niche would definitely improve your CPC but it comes with numerous disadvantages like:
  • Getting Penalized by Google AdSense for writing unrelated contents (remember when applying for Adsense we were asked to choose a category for our blog so sticking to that category is advisable).
  • Losing traffic (a majority of your readers would stop visiting your website especially if they don't find interest in your new niche, a lover of Tech would hardly visit a cooking website).
  • Affect Your SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization and once a Niche is abruptly changed the SEO of that website would be affected and things like Domain Authority, Backlinks, Page Authority would also drop.
  • Poor Contents: The secrete to blogging success is writing about things you have passion for because it would give you more ideas on what to write on, get unique & professional articles and also help make your contents more helpful to your readers. 
The best alternative is opening a sub-niche (a niche related to your existing niche e.g: Music blog with Entertainment news as it's sub-niche, Technology Blog with App & Software Download as it's sub-niche, Travel blog with cooking recipes as its sub-niche) but avoid using something unrelated (Music blog with a sub-niche on Travel and lifestyle) as this would make your blog look very messy and unprofessional.

Method #2 Adsense Blocking Control

This is a very critical method and we advise you to refrain from it especially if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Blocking control is an AdSense feature that allows the website owner (Publisher) to stop some Ads from displaying on their blog. With this method, you can block low paying Advertisers and also stop unrelated adverts from displaying on your website.

How to use Blocking Control feature on Adsense
  • Firstly login your AdSense dashboard and at the left corner you would see Blocking ControlClick on it and a dropdown of options would show (Contents, Ad review center, All site, and then your website's name).
  • Click on All Sites and add the list of low CPC links you want to block (click here to download our approved list of Low CPC websites)
  • After downloading the list, open it and you would see 2 files, one containing a list of high CPC links and the other for low CPC links. Open the Low CPC links and select all the links, copy them and paste it in the box provided in your Adsense dashboard.
  • Finally, click on Block URLs and you have successfully blocked those low paying advertisers from displaying Ads on your website.
Adsense Blocking Control Feature Trybeweb

Note: It would take up to a minute to completely block all networks so do not close the page until the process is completed.

Once you have done that, you have to manually Add the High CPC networks. (click here to download our approved list of Low CPC websites)


While in that same page at the top you will find Ad Networks (this feature allows you to add some specific networks to display their Ads on your website.
So go back to the file you earlier downloaded and click on High CPC links, open it and you will find a list of links there. This method would take time as you cannot copy and paste them as we earlier did when blocking the low CPC links. So you have to manually copy each link one at a time and paste them in the provided box, it will search for the Ad network and you have to click allow. Repeat these steps for all the networks you want to allow.

Disclaimer: Blocking Ads too many Ads from displaying on your website would lead to low Ad impression but it is definitely a legal means of increasing your CPC and it doesn't violate any AdSense policy.

If you have questions or you are stuck while trying to block or add some Ads, do leave a comment or use the contact button to get professional assistance from Trybeweb

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Most articles I write on are based on my personal experience and today after switching on my HP laptop, I got a pop-up notification on my screen alerting me about my windows license expiring.
Initially, I thought it was a minor glitch and it would fix itself (because my Laptop came with a factory-installed Windows 10 and it was meant to last for a lifetime, or whenever I upgrade to a higher Windows version). 


So I ignored the notification and went about my normal activities of surfing the internet and also working on my website TRYBEWEB but the notification kept on distracting me by popping up on the screen and I have to close it every time it comes up, so I got irritated and decided to give my full attention and fix the error.


Microsoft keeps rolling out Windows update (minor and major) with some of these update giving under the hood changes like security improvement, bug fixes anti-virus, etc, while major update gives a full upgrade to the Operating System of the computer (Windows Vista > Windows 7 > Windows 8 > Windows 8.1 > Windows 10).

With all these Major upgrades, users are expected to buy the official version of their OS from Microsoft and they are provided with a license key which is used to activate the Computer.

Some users tend to go for the trial version which gives them a license to use the OS for a limited period of time, after which it expires and they are expected to pay for further usage. So once a license expires, the users lose full privileges and some functionalities of their Windows PC (both Laptop and Desktop).



There are several methods used in fixing WIndows License error but Trybeweb will be sharing the method that worked 100% for me and since applying this, I have not faced further errors.


  1. Go to Windows Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager in the Menu.
  2. Click on processes and you will see a long list of all processes (applications) running on your computer. Scroll down to find a running Process called Explorer Process (it is a system process so it is usually found at the bottom region so scroll there to find it).
  3. Once you find it, right-click on it and click on End Task. (this would make your windows background and all other activities to disappear but do not panic).
  4.  At the top of Task Manager, you will see a button called File, click on it and select Run New Task, a mini window will pop up and then you have to write these exact words "Explorer.exe" (don't add the quotes) and click on ok.
  5. At this point, the User Interface of your windows would go back to normal. Open Comand Prompt (CMD) by clicking the Windows key and the X key together then select CMD as Administrator (a menu would pop up just click on yes to continue).

  1. Once the CMD has been properly launched type in these words "slmgr -rearm" (make sure there is a space in between slmgr and -rearm) press the Enter button and a pop up will show saying "Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect" click on OK and restart your computer.
Congratulation your License error has been fixed and you won't get any further annoying pop-ups.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

WhatsApp Launches Finger Print Security For Android Users

In a bid to increase user security and privacy, WhatsApp has announced that Fingerprint unlock would be added to its new features for Android users. Although it is still in testing mode, this feature has been available to iOS users for months now but Android users are to wait for further testing as it is only available to Beta testers.


For Beta testers who signed up via Google PlayStore, once you install the latest version 2.19.221, navigate to the Settings > Privacy and you will find the Fingerprint lock option.

Due to its side-server switch, this feature might not work with your first trial but users are advised not to panic, also backing up all chats is highly recommended as uninstalling the app and reinstalling might be required for some devices.

Once the option is available, setting up the fingerprint lock is similar to the same setup found in our android devices. WhatsApp would communicate to your device and permission access would be required for WhatsApp to save your biometrics (Fingerprint Data) on your phone to enable it to work with your device. 


Increasing privacy just got better as options to hide notification contents displaying on your lock screen has been added.

To get the latest WhatsApp with fingerprint feature, Beta testers can head directly to the Google PlayStore  or alternatively download it from APK MIRROR